Thursday, September 1, 2016

September Dialogue

Pastor's Piece

Autumn is nearly upon us, and with it the arrival of the new program year here at Bethany.  We will begin on Sunday, September 4th with a four week worship series entitled, “The Tie That Binds”, exploring how our relationships with the Holy and with each other form and transform us. And we will affirm the power of God’s presence in our worshiping community to inspire us to “go and do likewise” in the world. 

The beginning of the program year includes other beginnings as well.  Our Sunday School program will be starting up again on Gathering Sunday, September 11th.  Team Ministries will begin a new year as well with a team orientation meeting after worship on the 11th.  We will hold our annual Finance Meeting on September 18th as we consider the spending plan for the year ahead. And we will cap September off with a newly re-organized Lawn Sale on September 24-25.  

All of these beginnings reminds us of the ways that we are bound together, the promises that we have made to one another, and the covenant we hold as a community of faith. I treasure the bonds that I have with each of you, and I look forward to the ways our lives will be woven together in the year ahead. 

 May God bless these ties that bind!

Rev. Amy 

September at Bethany!

NEW NAME TAGS!  We have new name tags at Bethany Church! On Gathering Sunday, September 11, make sure you pick up your new name tag on the table in the entryway on your way into worship. We are a growing church with new members and name tags are an easy way we get to know one another! These name tags are a new style – they hang on a colorful lanyard around your neck!  They are easy to wear and easy to read. So don't forget to pick yours up!


The weekly Kiosk! will continue with news and happenings at Bethany.  Once a month, an "extended" Kiosk! will be produced containing periodic updates by teams and committees and special news.  Welcome to the first edition of the extended version!

Congregational Finance Meeting, Sunday September 18th

 Bethany Church will be holding its annual Finance Meeting on September 18th during the worship service. The primary agenda item will be to discuss and vote on the FY17 Spending Plan.  Details about the plan will be available to members on Sunday, September 11th after worship.  Full financial details will be available in the church office.

Team Sign-ups!

 Now is the time to get involved with the various ministries of Bethany Church. New sign up sheets are posted on the bulletin board outside the parlor.  If you have been on a team and want to remain on that team, you need to put your name on the sign up sheet again.  If you want to try something new this year, this is the time to join up!  There will be a team orientation meeting for ALL team members on Gathering Sunday after hospitality.  Please plan to attend if you are serving on a team.  The meeting will last 45 minutes.

New Members – we will once again be receiving new members into Bethany Church on Sunday, September 18th.  If you would like to join the church, please speak with Rev. Amy on Sunday morning, or you may email her at

Kids in worship 

We warmly welcome children and want them to feel comfortable at Bethany Church.  Children are welcome to stay in the sanctuary for the worship service or they may go to our nursery or Sunday School class.  Rocking chairs for moms and dads and a small table with kid's activities are available for families at the rear of the sanctuary. Toward the beginning of the worship service, there is a time called “God's Word for All Ages”  when children are invited to go to the front of the sanctuary for a time with the minister.  Afterward, they may go to Sunday School if they wish.  Our Nursery and Sunday School classrooms are located on the main floor of the building and are newly refurbished.  Greeters and ushers are happy to guide you to the rooms.  Parents are welcome to sit in on the class if they would like.   Bethany Church follows Safe Church practices.

The Good Samaritan Haven Dinner Team

Can anyone believe that this Team has been in existence for almost eight years? That’s right EIGHT years!!! Going back through sign-up sheets, Sunday Bulletin announcements and old dialogue articles, I found the very first appeal for cooks to help provide an evening meal for guests of the Good Samaritan Haven shelter. It was in the bulletin on October 5, 2008 and the first meal was provided on Friday, October 10th. Together, we made it happen, with very little notice, and we have been doing it almost monthly, ever since. The day switched, at some point, from Friday to Sunday, to make it more convenient for those bringing food. In working with the shelter, we learned that the 4th Sunday was when they were most in need of a meal so that’s what we have done for many years. There are over 30 members of this vibrant and giving team and I want to thank everyone who provides food (or money for food) for this meal. Look for the sign-up sheets on Sundays, in the Parlor and during the week on the right side bulletin board or call Judi Joy at 279-3177 for more information.

In that first Bulletin notice I wrote that I hoped that many will be inspired to follow the Gospel’s call to “feed the hungry and welcome the stranger” in this way. We have proven that Bethany’s Congregation are truly servants of the Still Speaking Christ.

The Montpelier Food Pantry

This month's food is
Cereal - cold, hot, or instant!
The Food Pantry is still in clean-up and repair mode. We are open in the Trinity Fellowship Hall on a very limited basis during our regular hours. If you wish to donate money it will help. Please make checks payable to Just Basics, Inc, 137 Main St, Montpelier, VT 05602 memo: Food Pantry. We will be asking for volunteer help in the next few weeks as we  rebuild - look for updates on Front Porch Forum. Thank you very much for all your support.

Thank you for all you do!

Communion Sunday

Communion will be celebrated NEXT Sunday September 11, on Gathering Sunday.

Choir rehearsals

will resume THIS WEEK! Thursday, September 8th from 6:30 to 8:00 pm. If you like to sing, can read music, and have fun, we want you. Please arrive in time to gather music and be in your seats by 6:30 pm so we can start on time! It would be really helpful in planning for choir during the year if you could mark off Thursday evenings for rehearsals so we can plan certain anthems on Sundays. There will be a special musical event in December that the choir will present and begin learning soon. Hope to see you on September 8th!


What Lawn Sale? ........ Helpers?  Who me??? ......... YES YOU!!
We need lots of helpers starting Monday 9/19 at 1pm. It's fun working together on Sorting and Pricing (Morning, Afternoon,or Evening) when there are plenty of people. Also fun Setting Up The Sale on Saturday the 24th  at 7AM (bring a friend). Check out the sign-up sheets for other help needed - no talent is too small.  We especially need to fill four more cashier times (Sat AM, Sat PM, Sun PM, Sun PM), and there are lots of spaces for more general help. Good clean donations will be accepted 9/20-22 8am-8pm, and 9/19 1-8pm - but not Friday 9/23. We need bags and boxes, and we don't need hangers. Thank you to all who have signed up already!!

Back to School!
The Sunday School program is getting ready for the new year.  Our first day of classes is September 11, Gathering Sunday.  We have moved the classroom to the old resource room, with the nursery next door in Amy Pitton’s former office.  Whenever we have a big crowd, we will conduct activities in the Chapel. Please join us on September 11, to welcome in the new year!

Nursery News! The nursery has made the move from the basement up to the first floor in Amy Pitton’s former office.  We are still settling in but everything will be ready by September 11, Gathering Sunday.  Even if you do not have a little one coming to Bethany, stop in and say hello!

 We are looking for a good, comfortable and easy to-keep-clean chair for an adult to sit in while in the nursery (nothing too large).  We are also looking for a small “kids table” which sits low to the ground for the littlest people.  If you have either of these to donate to the nursery, please let Amy Pitton, Patty Turley or Jennifer Weinert know!

 Nursery Attendant Needed -  we are looking for someone to manage the Church Nursery every Sunday from 9:45-11:30 am.  This is a year-round, paid position.  A  background check is required.  A seasoned parent, grandparent, or someone with childcare experience is preferred.  If you know someone who would be great for this job, pass this request along!  If interested, contact the church office at 223-2424 between 9 and noon on weekdays or speak to Jennifer Weinert.

2016 Crop Hunger Walk
The Central Vermont Crop Walk will be held this year on Sunday, September 25th at the Berlin Pond.  We need a recruiter from Bethany and some walkers.  There will be a meeting this Thursday, September 1st at 6:00PM at the Barre Congregational Church.  If you are interested in being part of the CROP Walk, but aren't able to make the meeting, call Judy Cookson at 479-9002and she will deliver the materials.  The goal for this year's walk is $10,000.