Thursday, May 28, 2015


A Weekly Sense of what is happening

The KIOSK! Sunday and the week's news

Annual Meeting of Bethany Church
June 7, 2015
10 am Integrated Worship and Business Meeting

I. Opening Worship
II. Approval of Minutes of the September Financial Meeting
III. Update on Focus Area Priorities
IV. Discussion and vote on Bylaws Changes
V. Offerings and Gifts of Service
* Vote to accept Annual Reports
* Election of Board of Directors Members
* Vote on FY16 Interim Financial Plan
* Discussion and Vote on Jackman Bequest First Fruits Gift
VI. Other business that may appropriately come before the congregation
VII. Adjournment

This Sunday
Season of Pentecost

Scripture: Genesis
Sermon: Vichyssoise  Music: My Heart Ever Faithful, J.S. Bach; Heaven's Gate, Carl Strommen;: Hand in Hand,Kirby Shaw; Come to the Water; John B Foley; Toccata in C, A.B. Zorn
 Mission: Food Pantry Collectin Sunday! Bring it IN!!!
Community: Because this is theLast Sunday as a Bethany Minister for Rev. Mark Pitton we will celebrate


Pantry of Montpelier- We will receive FRUIT on May 31. Canned, dried, jammed, jellied, preserved, jarred, or um see this space to find out if fresh will be okay! For The Food Pantry- This week we could really use pasta sauce, meals in a can, condiments, and clear storage bags in gallon size. Thanks, everyone!

JUNE DIALOGUE DEADLINE is May 29th at 9:30! And yes, that might be tomorrow or even today, depending on when you read this.

Up coming Sundays
* Sunday, May 31 - Celebrating the Conclusion of the Ministry of the Rev. Mark Pitton -  worship and Celebration of Ministry
* Farewell Party/Lunch for Rev. Mark - on Sunday, May 31st at 11:30AM. All are welcome!
* Sunday, June 7 -  Bethany Church Annual Meeting! See above.

There are many ways to thank Mark and honor his ministry with us and for those who wish to make a financial gift, please give checks payable to Bethany Church with a note in the Memo section "Mark Pitton Gift" to Joanne Hardy or leave in the office.

Food Pantry- for the month of June the food for the Montpelier Food     Pantry is  Peanut Butter & Jelly

Upcoming Hospitality Schedule
June 7-The Frey Family,
June 14-San Antonio Grande.

The end of our Choir: Thursday June 4th,  The choir will enjoy a pot luck dinner at 410 Camp St Barre 6:30PM. The choir will not meet on Thursdays until Sept.
EVERYONE is invite to join our summer choir, rehearsals each Sunday at 9:15 AM in the front of the sanctuary.  Join us when ever the spirit moves you to do so!

BETHANY BOWL, MAY 26, 2015, FED 105  This was left--over day at the Bowl.  The menu was made up of ingredients donated last week.  It was 2 soups from NECI, Tomato, Hamburger, Macaroni Soup by Phyllis using left -over meat balls, buttered carrots, cole slaw (both items from the Foodbank) egg salad sandwich (eggs from Arthur Zorn) rhubarb sauce (rhubarb from Katrina Pelkey), assorted desserts (some from Shaws) and beverages.  Helpers were Conrad Rowell, Charlie Wiley, John and Jean Hnylka, Tom Lever, Anne DeVaughn, Chris Terry, and Pete Gomez.

We are still working out the bugs of our new sound system! So far, the sound is great and we are very pleased.  Here are some things to remember if you need to use the microphone for a prayer or an announcement.  Please hold the tip of the microphone about 5 inches from your mouth - this will produce good sound.  Speak normally - the microphone volume is being controlled by one of our volunteers and they will adjust the sound as necessary.  Please do not push any buttons on the microphone - it will be on, and it will be controlled by our sound volunteer.  Pushing buttons can lead to the microphone not working appropriately.  Thank you, and enjoy the sound!

Snacks for Kids PINS Offering - Sunday, June 14th  Children are often at DCF in Barre for stretches of time because of court hearings or family visits.  The office is always in need of snacks and drinks for kids.  On Sunday, June 14, we will be collecting snacks once again to help out.  Please bring snacks wrapped as individual servings: crackers, cookies, fruit strips, toddler snacks, juice boxes, etc.  DCF needs to be able to store any snacks without refrigeration.  Thank you for helping with our PINS partnership with DCF.

Is someone you know in the church graduating this spring?  Let the church office know!  We will celebrate our graduates on Sunday, June 14th.

Help San Antonio Grande
Help El Salvador
Help Nature

The World Bank could soon decide whether the tiny nation of El Salvador will have to pay millions for rejecting a destructive gold mine. OceanaGold’s mine would ruin the little remaining clean water left in El Salvador -The Lempa River is San Antonio Grande's River and is rumored to be one of the few rivers with fresh water jelly fish- tell the World Bank tribunal to side with Salvadorans!

Below you will find a link to a petition to sign to ask the world bank not to allow Oceana corporation to sue El Salvador for preventing them for mining for gold, which would destroy the Lempa River. We heard about this on our last trip. Please consider signing, and forward this on to others. El Salvador doesn't need this.
Thanks!  Amy


More information:
El Salvador groups accuse Pacific Rim of 'assault on democratic governance  The Guardian, April 10 2014.
El Salvadorian Activists Protest TPP-Like Lawsuit: How The Pacific Rim Arbitration Case Is A Preview Of The Trans-Pacific Partnership  Latin Times, March 19 2015.


9:00 am Choir

10:00 am Worship, Recognition of Mark Pitton's ministry

11:30 am Luncheon honoring Rev. Mark Pitton


6:00 pm Conversational Spanish


11:30 am Bethany Bowl


11:30 am Staff Meeting

6:30 pm Deacons Team


7:00 am Exploring Spirituality

6:30 pm Choir Rehearsal


9:00 am Choir

10 am Worship with Annual Meeting

11:15 am Hospitality

11:15 am Local Church Discernment Committee