Thursday, May 21, 2015

KIOSK! What's happening 'round about Bethany

The KIOSK! Sunday and the week's news

Annual Meeting of Bethany Church

June 7, 2015
10 am Integrated Worship and Business Meeting

I. Opening of  Worship

II. Approval of Minutes of the September Financial Meeting

III. Discussion of Focus Area Priorities for Next Year

IV. Discussion and vote on Bylaws Changes

V. Offerings and Gifts of Service
  • Vote to accept Annual Reports
  • Election of Board of Directors Members
  • Vote on FY16 Interim Financial Plan
  • Discussion and Vote on Jackman Bequest First Fruits Gift
VI. Other business that may appropriately come before the congregation

VII. Adjournment and Benediction

This Sunday


Scripture: Acts 2-1-21 Bible page 111 NT

Sermon:  Heads On Fire
Revs. Mark and Amy Pitton  A sermon in two voices

Music: Prelude in D minor, J.S. Bach    Rejoice, Ye Pure in Heart, David Schwoebel  Psalm 23, Gwyneth Walker

Mission: Gather and bless Sunday Supper for the homeless of the Good Samaritan Haven. Call Judi Joy to help!


Pantry of Montpelier- We will receive FRUIT on May 31. Canned, dried, jammed, jellied, preserved, jarred, or um see this space to find out if fresh will be okay!
Additional Food Pantry needs: This week, the food pantry could use Mac & Cheese, jelly and condiments:  ketchup, mustard, mayo, salad dressings. They are also encouraging participation in the Montpelier Farmers Market SHARE program. When you shop at the Market, buy one for yourself, buy one for your neighbor. The donation coolers are conveniently located at the front & back of the market. Our shoppers love the fresh healthy produce.

JUNE DIALOGUE DEADLINE is May 29th at 9:30!

The flowers on the communion table this morning are in loving memory of Ruth Lane MacPherson.

Up coming Sundays

* Sunday May 24 Pentecost - Wear red, yellow or orange!
* Sunday, May 31 - Celebrating the Conclusion of the Ministry of the Rev. Mark Pitton -  worship and Celebration of Ministry
* Farewell Party/Lunch for Rev. Mark - on Sunday, May 31st at 11:30AM. All are welcome!
* Sunday, June 7 -  Bethany Church Annual Meeting!

There are many ways to thank Mark and honor his ministry with us and for those who wish to make a financial gift, please give checks payable to Bethany Church with a note in the Memo section "Mark Pitton Gift" to Joanne Hardy or leave in the office.

Upcoming Hospitality Schedule
June 7-The Frey Family
June 14-SAG.

BETHANY BOWL, MAY 19, 2015, FED 110  Something special happened today. The children from UES, who come to wash and set the tables, presented us with $11.00 that they had earned by doing good deeds.  Each time their teacher recognizes an act of kindness, she puts a penny in a jar. They, in turn, gave the money to the Bowl.  And a little child shall lead them.

We are still working out the bugs of our new sound system! So far, the sound is great and we are very pleased. Here are some things to remember if you need to use the microphone for a prayer or an announcement. Please hold the tip of the microphone about 5 inches from your mouth - this will produce good sound. Speak normally - the microphone volume is being controlled by one of our volunteers and they will adjust the sound as necessary. Please do not push any buttons on the microphone - it will be on, and it will be controlled by our sound volunteer. Pushing buttons can lead to the microphone not working appropriately. Thank you, and enjoy the sound!

Beatification of El Salvador’s Oscar Romero a turning point for Catholicism

By John L. Allen Jr.

Next Saturday, arguably the most important beatification of the early 21st century will be celebrated in San Salvador, El Salvador, when the late Archbishop Oscar Romero reaches the final stage before sainthood in the Catholic Church.

It’s an event 35 years in the making, and it’s hard to imagine anyone with a more remarkable tale to tell.

At the outset of a bloody civil war in El Salvador in the late 1970s, Romero was the country’s most important voice for the poor and victims of human rights abuses. His stance obviously threatened the power structure, because in a scene straight out of T.S. Eliot’s “Murder in the Cathedral,” Romero was shot to death while saying Mass on March 24, 1980.

To read the entire article, go HERE 


9:00 am Choir
10:00 am Worship

11:15 am Hospitality

11:30 am First Fruits Gifts Informational meeting


6:00 pm Conversational Spanish


11:30 am Bethany Bowl


11:30 am Staff Meeting

6:00 pm Board of Directors Meeting

Clougher home


7:00 am Exploring Spirituality

6:30 pm Choir Rehearsal


9:00 am Choir

10:00 am Worship, Recognition of Mark Pitton's ministry

11:30 am Luncheon honoring Rev. Mark Pitton