Thursday, April 16, 2015

KIOSK! April 16

The KIOSK! Sunday and the week's news

 This Sunday

Scripture: Psalm 4
Sermon: Gladness In Our Hearts
Music: Jesus Shall Reign, John Hatton; Come Sing a Joyful Song, Henry Purcell; Jesus the Very Thought of Thee, Don Wyrtzen

This Week


10:00 am Strategic Initiatives for Sacred Places

9:00 am Choir Rehearsal
10:00 am Sunday Worship
11:15 am Hospitality

6:00 pm Conversational Spanish

11:30 am Bethany Bowl

11:30 am Staff Meeting
7:00 pm Board Of Directors

7:00 am Exploring Spirituality
6:30 pm Choir Rehearsal

Friday- Saturday
Vermont Conference Annual Meeting

9:00 am Choir
10:00 am Worship
10:15 am Sunday School
11:00 am Hospitality


Food Pantry The focus food is canned or boxed veggies.

Telling our Story - We hope that you are enjoying our new sound system!  The system was purchased with funds from the Jackman bequest, and it is most fitting, as Bob Jackman, Chris Jackman's husband, was in charge of the media resources for Montpelier High School.  Tom Clougher mentioned this week how much Bob would have appreciated this new technology - so today we remember both he and Chris with great thanksgiving!

Bethany is Blooming!  Bethany Church is doing amazing ministry! Joyful and relevant Sunday morning worship, a warm, affirming and welcoming Christian community, an open building that serves the community, a 20+ year sister parish relationship with San Antonio Grande, weekly Bethany Bowl, Good Samaritan Haven Dinner, support of the Montpelier Food Pantry,  a lively music ministry, Sunday School,ecumenical book studies, and so much more!  We are a vital church in the midst of the Montpelier community!

 Telling our Story - 150 years ago this month, President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated.  All around the country, bells in church steeples tolled in grief, including our own Revere bell, which hung in the steeple of the Brick Church, our previous church building.  Can you imagine the sadness of that sound?

The Board of Directors has been working on revisions to the Bylaws to address our new governance structure on a permanent basis.  This also provides us with an opportunity to update the Bylaws to better reflect today’s Bethany.  We will be holding informational meetings in the month of May so that you can see these changes before June’s annual meeting.  You are also welcome to see the work-in-progress draft at any time; just contact Patty Turley (223-5488 or

BETHANY BOWL, APRIL 14, 2015, FED:96  NECI SOUP: Tom Lever  DISHWASHERS: Gary Rogers, Conrad Rowell  HEAD COOKS:  Phyllis Rowell and John Hnylka  The menu was Mulligatawny Soup from NECI served by Chris Terry, Scalloped potatoes, peas and ham casserole  made by John Hnylka and served by Anne DeVaughn,  Green tomatoes and green bean casserole made by Judy Murray and served by Jean Hnylka,  Tuna Salad Sandwich made by Ira Gravatt and Erik Norkaveck and served by Ira, assorted desserts and beverages.  Students from Sharon Pine's class at UES washed and set the tables. Please do not leave clothes at the soup kitchen without checking with Phyllis Rowell first.  Presently we have an overload of clothing. Thanks!

Save the dates for these upcoming events!
Sunday, May 3   - Stewardship Sunday
Sunday, May 10 - Sunday School Sunday
Sunday, May 17 - Recognizing Laura Cadmus' Student Ministry
Sunday, May 24 - Confirmation Sunday
Sunday, May 31 - Celebrating the Conclusion of the Ministry of the Rev. Mark Pitton - worship and Celebration of Ministry
Sunday, June 7 -  Bethany Church Annual Meeting!

Most pictures are from our Variety Show. 
So much fun. Why do you keep missing it?