Friday, November 28, 2014

KIOSK! November 28

This Sunday

Scripture: Luke 1:67-79
Music: Prelude and postlude by Arthur and Doug Little, and special music provided by Sara Lisniansky, alto recorder, and Arthur Zorn, piano, Concerto in G Minor by Alesandro Marcello
Guest speaker: Polly Sabin
Mission: We will remember the Maryknoll women who were martyred in El Salvador on December 2, 1980

The Dialogue Deadline is Sunday Nov. 30 at noon.

 This Week

First Sunday of Advent
10:00 am Worship10:00 am Sunday School
11:15 am Hospitality

7:00 pm Conversational Spanish

11:30 am Bethany Bowl

7:00 pm Bethany Board Of Directors

7:00 am Exploring Spirituality
6:30 pm  Choir

Second Sunday of Advent
9:00 am Choir
10:00 am Worship with Communion
10:15 am Sunday School
11:00 am Hospitality


This Sunday is the First Sunday in Advent!  Our Advent wreath will be lit by the San Antonio Grande team.  Come join us as we enter this holy season.

On Sunday, November 30, the worship service will highlight our experiences in El Salvador and our relationship with San Antonio Grande.  Our annual campaign to raise funds for scholarships and sewing projects will begin.  
Contributions can be made as gifts to family members and friends, with a choice of gift cards, Christmas tree stars, and handmade votive candles available.

Food Pantry- for the month of December the food for the Montpelier Food Pantry is  Canned Beans, black, red & chick pea.

PINS Christmas Gifts 

Bethany Church members have supported the Barre Office of DCF Family Services for many years through our PINS partnership.  We can show that support again this Christmas by providing grocery cards, gas cards, or Wall-Mart cards.  Social Workers give these cards to foster families and birth families to help meet the needs of the children in their care.  
These vulnerable children in our own communities have been subjected to neglect or physical or sexual abuse or are at high risk of abuse and neglect.  It is difficult for many families to provide for a holiday celebration.  Envelopes are available in the Narthex on November 30 and December 7.  They will be collected and blessed on Sunday December 14.  Please consider supporting the PINS relationship between Bethany and DCF with a gift card during this Christmas season.
Thank you! The PINS Team

Let's share a meal and green the Sanctuary!! The Fun & Frivolity team, in cahoots with the Deacons team, invites you to join us, Wednesday, Dec. 10th at 6:00 p.m. for a soup and bread dinner then the greening of the Sanctuary.  There may even be some spontaneous singing of carols!!   If you would like to bring a soup, bread, beverage or dessert please let me know by email or phone. or 249-7922.

Brown Bag now meets at Westview Meadows on Thursdays at 11:45 AM - 1:30 PM.  We are listening to a Bill Moyer’s video on the book of Genesis followed by a discussion.  We welcome all Bethany people and friends.  Bring a sandwich and join the group.  Call Esther Farnsworth for directions.  225-6006.

BETHANY BOWL, NOVEMBER 25, 2014, FED: 85  HEAD COOK: Phyllis Rowell with lots of help from Tina Campbell, NECI SOUP: Tom Lever  DISHWASHERS: Gary  Rogers, Conrad Rowell, Tom Lever  HELPERS: Anita Rogers, Chris Terry , Anne DeVaughn, Pete Gomez.  The menu was a choice of 2 NECI Soups, Meat Ball Grinders, Green Bean/Tomato Bake, Green Salad, Cranberry Sauce, Assorted Desserts, Beverages.  A special thank you to Anita Rogers who pitched in to help especially with the serving line.