Friday, October 10, 2014

KIOSK! October 9-18

This Sunday

 Season of Pentecost

Scripture: Exodus 31:12-32:14
Sermon: "For Your Name's Sake"
Music: "Magnify" and "When I look into your Holiness both arr. Tom Fettke, "If You Trust in God to Guide You" Neumark/Zorn,
Youth: Bowling

This Week

7:00 Concert Bluegrass Gospel Project

10:00 am Sunday Worship
10:15 am Sunday School
11:15 am Hospitality
12:00 pm Confirmation Class
6:30 pm Youth Group Bowling

Office Closed

11:30 am Bethany Bowl

11:30 am Staff Meeting
2:00 pm Property Board

7:00 am Spiritual Exploration Group

6:00 pm San Antonio Grande Dinner Dance

9:30 AM - 3:00 Craft Church:  From Attraction to Integration

10:00 am Worship
10:15 am Sunday School
11:15 am Hospitality
12:00 Confirmation Class

Laura Cadmus

You should know by now that we have a student minister with us until May. Hopefully you have had a chance to say "Hi" to Laura on Sunday morning. If not, it will be something to look forward to.

Laura is a student at Andover Newton Theological School (ANTS) where Rev.s Mark and Amy studied. Laura requested that Bethany consider letting her learn here because all that she had seen and heard. The Board of Directors agreed and the Congregation has now voted on her stipend.

Before entering Seminary, she grew up in Williston and the Williston Federated Church.  She was active in choir, youth group, UMC Troy Conference. A college degree in Geology allowed a career in GIS, digital mapping and analysis technology. For 15 year she as a practitioner, instructor, project manager, supervisor, and did software solution sales.

After entering Seminary, she has three times been a licensed ministered to  provide summer sabbatical coverage for Barre Congregational and Williston Federated churches. Also, she served as the pastor for the United Church of Cabot for three years.

Currently (along with studies, and being at Bethany) Laura lives in Barre, works as a residential electrician, is a member of the Barre Congregational Church, and, in the rare moments when she has time to pursue what delights her, she might be hiking, motorcycling, kayaking, skiing, bicycling, cooking, baking or sampling fine craft beers with friends.

Laura will be spending 8-10 hours a week with us in various forms of ministry and tasks. She has identified three areas that she wishes to grow in: Pastoral Care and Worship, the management of a church as an institution (especially around finances), and youth ministries. She will be an active worship leader, do some visiting and pastoral care, work with both the Confirmation Class and Youth Group, attend the Board of Directors meetings, and finance discussions. Largely, her days will be Sunday and Tuesday.

She is not an inexperienced student, more of an intern. Still, it is important to remember that she is here to learn from us not work for us. Much of her learning will be done in as she reflects with her practicum group and with her Supervisor. As a church we can assume she will make mistakes and try things that do not work out. These are not failings, they are learnings. She is suppose to try and risk. Don't feel the need to rally rub it in when a risk does not work. But when she does something you really like, please make sure to tell her you liked it and why.


Fall Clean Up - October 25, Save The Date! 9-noon. That is in 2 weeks!

All Bethany Youth – Grades 6-12! Let's do some Lazer Tag and Bowling! We will meet at the Twin City Lanes on Sunday, Tonight at 6:30 – 8:30 pm for Lazer Tag and two games of bowling. Please bring $10 and any coupons you might have. If cost is a problem, come anyway, and just let Amy know. Bring a friend as well!

FRIDAY! Tonight Concert!  Come hear the Bluegrass Gospel Project on Friday, October 10 at 7 PM at the Chandler Center for the Arts, Randolph!  Tickets are $25 and can be purchased by contacting Rev. Jim Thomas at or on-line HERE ( .
Proceeds will benefit the many missions and ministries of the Vermont Conference UCC!  Support this great event and see you there!

All Bethany Youth – Grades 6-12! Let's do some Lazer Tag and Bowling! We will meet at the Twin City Lanes on Sunday, October 12 from 6:30 – 8:30 pm for Lazer Tag and two games of bowling. Please bring $10 and any coupons you might have. If cost is a problem, come anyway, and just let Amy know. Bring a friend as well!

Check out our posters! As part of telling our story, we will be putting new posters in our signboard out front each week.  (If you want to see the whole series of posters, they are on the bulletin board outside the Parlor.) Some of those posters will also be used as ads in The Bridge newspaper between now and Christmas.  We want the wider Montpelier community to know who we are and this is one way to let them know.  Another way is for you, our members and friends, to talk up the church and what we do here with your friends and neighbors - you might even invite them to church!  We will be putting interesting "Telling our Story" factoids in the bulletin each week - as you talk, you can share these tidbits with them.  Here's the first one:
Telling our Story!  Did you know that Bethany Church has a Tiffany stained glass window?  It is located in the narthex, just outside the office door, and is the window with the shepherds gathered around the fire.  It is a beautiful window - check it out!

A Chancy Idea...
...from Tom Clougher
Free money or free stuff can be won. It might be easier if we pool our resources. SO, if you go to McDonald's and get Monopoly play pieces, consider sharing them with an effort at Bethany to win so that we can give away what ever we get. Be it cash or prizes, what ever is won will go to someone else and for God's glory.
Please note: if we see you with Monopoly play pieces, we will assume that a friend went and that you do not eat there yourself. To turn them in to the church: you can just put them into the offering plate (secretly if you want), slid them in an envelope under the door of the church office, or just turn them into the office no questions asked. Our staff is use to keeping information confidential, and you can rely on our discretion in this matter as well.

BETHANY BOWL,  OCTOBER 7, 2014, FED: 90 HEAD COOK:  Phyllis Rowell  NECI SOUP: Tom Lever  DISHWASHER: Conrad Rowell  HELPERS: Tina Campbell, Ira Gravatt, Chris Terry, Anne DeVaughn, Pete Gomez, Grace Tarrant, Kathy Andrews, James and Brittany from the New School. The menu was a choice of two NECI soups,  green bean and tomato casserole, egg salad and ham and cheese sandwiches, fruit cup and thank you to the Redmonds macaroni and potato salad. We love it when you folks have get-togethers and we get the leftovers..a great treat.  Welcome to Laura, our student minister, who pitched in to set tables and meet the "BOWLERS"'s that for a play on words.

Three-Part Series on Income Inequality -
Bethany Church, Randolph - Bethany's Advocacy Committee is sponsoring a three-part series on income inequality, and would like to extend an invitation to other churches to join us. On October 12, we will be having a Bible Study regarding what the Bible might have to say on the subject, and this will be moderated by the Rev. Jim Thomas. On October 19, we will be showing Robert Reich's documentary "Inequality for All" with a discussion moderated by the Rev. Lee Moore.

On the 26th, we will present an updated version of the Livable
Wage Workshop, led by Lee Moore and Betty Edson. Soup and bread will be served at 5:30, with program to begin at 6.

This Tuesday, Oct. 14th 6:00 pm, Fellowship Hall - Vermont Low Income Advocacy Council's annual dinner, co-sponsored by Bethany and the Vermont Conference UCC. This year marks the 50th anniversary of our country's War on Poverty. There is still much to do, and this gathering is a forum for discussing issues, hearing candidates' views and recognizing advocates for their work in fighting poverty and promoting social and economic justice.  Bethany members prepare and serve supper at this free event open to all.  Our work to support low-income Vermonters is rewarding--you are invited to get involved!