Friday, October 24, 2014

KIOSK! October 24

Looking like Fall Clean Up

This Sunday

Season of Pentecost

Scripture: Bel 1:1-22
Sermon: "A Living God"
Music: Pieces by both Handel and Beethoven, and the anthem"Lead Me, Lord, in Thy Righteousness" by S. Wesley
Confirmation Class
Mission: Collection of Food CEREAL for the Montpelier Food Pantry; 
Sunday supper for the Good Samaritan Haven Shelter
Mission Moment: Theresa Murray-Clasen from Just Basics Inc. - of which the Pantry is a part.

The view as people come into the Pantry

This Week

9:00 am - noon  Fall Clean Up

10:00 am Sunday Worship
10:15 am Sunday School
11:15 am Hospitality
12:00 pm Confirmation Class

7:00 pm Conversational Spanish

11:30 am Bethany Bowl

11:30 am Staff Meeting

7:00 am Spiritual Exploration Group
6:30 pm Choir

Turn clocks back one hour

11:00 am All Association Worship at the Barre Opera House
with Communion

Dialogue articles due on October 30 at 9:00 am


 Fall Clean Up - Saturday October 25,  9-noon.
That is probably tomorrow!
A picture from our last All Association Worship Service

Set your clocks BACK one hour in one week before this service...
Special Worship on November 2: An All Saints, All Souls, All Association Worship Service will be held on Sunday, November 2 at 11 am at the Barre Opera House.  The churches of the Washington Association UCC will gather for worship and communion.  Our preacher will be writer, storyteller and VPR commentator Willem Lange.  Arthur Zorn will lead an all Association Choir. Don't miss this wonderful opportunity to worship!
*There will be NO WORSHIP at Bethany Church on that Sunday.*

A Chancy Idea...
...from Tom Clougher
Free money or free stuff can be won. It might be easier if we pool our resources. SO, if you go to McDonald's and get Monopoly play pieces, consider sharing them with an effort at Bethany to win, so that we can give away what ever we get. Be it cash or prizes, what ever is won will go to someone else and for God's glory.
Please note: if we see you with Monopoly play pieces, we will assume that a friend went and that you do not eat there yourself. To turn them in to the church: you can just put them into the offering plate (secretly if you want), slid them in an envelope under the door of the church office, or just turn them into the office no questions asked. Our staff is use to keeping information confidential, and you can rely on our discretion in this matter as well.

Fall Clean Up Day - Next Saturday, October 25, from 9 - noon. Because we have had lots of outdoor help already this fall, we will be focusing on the inside of the building!  Cobweb patrol, dusting, polishing, and maybe some painting will be on the docket!  Come help spruce up the church! It can change your life!

Check out our posters! As part of telling our story, we will be putting new posters in our signboard out front each week.  If you want to see the whole series of posters, they are on the bulletin board outside the Parlor.  Some of those posters will also be used as ads in The Bridge newspaper between now and Christmas.  We want the wider Montpelier community to know who we are and this is one way to let them know.  Another way is for you, our members and friends, to talk up the church and what we do here with your friends and neighbors - you might even invite them to church!  We will be putting interesting "Telling our Story" factoids in the bulletin each week - as you talk, you can share these tidbits with them.

Telling our Story - An odd factoid!  Did you know that the stained glass windows that are located to the left of our front doors as you exit the building are out of order?  Stained glass windows often tell stories, and this set of windows tells two stories - the birth of Jesus and thelast days of Jesus.  Unfortunately, the folks who installed
these windows didn't recognize that stories were being told, so the windows were installed somewhat randomly!  Check it out!

Team Ministry is underway! The Sunday School Team, San Antonio Grande, Hospitality, and Strategic Investment in Sacred Places have all met, and other teams are starting up!  Teams and their members are posted on the bulletin board outside the parlor. If you want to join a team, speak with Rev. Amy or the team leader.  If you have an idea for a new team, and can find two other folks to join you, talk to Rev. Amy about how to get a new team going!

Conversational Spanish class is resuming for fall, for confident beginners/intermediates. We will meet in the Red Door room Monday evenings starting October 27, 6:00 - 7:00 p.m. Affordable - pay per class you attend; instructor is Betsy Parah. There is a sign-up sheet on the bulletin board near the chapel, or email Betsy: Come join us and refresh your Spanish - vamos a hablar espanol!

BETHANY BOWL,October 21, 2014  FED: 106  HEAD COOKS: Tom and Theresa Lever   DISHWASHERS: Gary Rogers and Conrad Rowell with Tom as pot  scrubber. NECI SOUP: Tom Lever  HELPERS: John and Jean Hnylka, Phyllis Rowell, John Hall, Chris Terry, Anita Rogers, Anne DeVaughn, Pete Gomez. The Lever's menu was Macaroni and Cheese, Hubbard Squash, Green Beans, Cranberry Sauce, MANY Assorted desserts, and Beverages.  John Hall came in to shadow the group as a possible cook or helper.  Welcome John and of course we know that Donna will be in the background with help as well.

Chapel Paint & Prep-November 15 & 22. A couple of Saturdays to get together with some fun people and make our Chapel beautiful.

EASY GIVING!!!! Want to take the hassle out of writing a check every week/month for your pledge? Bethany Church has an ONLINE GIVING option where you can create a profile and have your weekly/monthly pledge amount taken out of your designated account by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)!

It's easy; you don't have to write that check and the church gets your payment within a day of it being taken out of your account. The Treasurer gets a report from the service that the transfer is being done and there is no paper! It's all electronic.

Check out the ONLINE GIVING button in the upper left corner.
Or click HERE and go straight to our secure online service that will allow you to create a profile and set up a one time gift or ongoing giving.

Stewardship and Giving Plans There are times at Bethany Church when our problem is not about having enough money. It is about cash flow and uncertainty about what will be coming in on any given Sunday. YOU can alleviate this uncertainty by signing up for electronic transfers from your account to the church account. Such a giving plan helps our planning. It might also be easier for you.

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