Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Finance Information

There are several documents you might want in preparation for the Finance Meeting on September 28. Please read the whole of a document before asking questions. Please also know that the Board of Directors are happy to answer your questions, either one on one or at the informational meeting on September 21. 

The Finance Meeting is will be held in the midst of worship, like the last Annual Meeting. Choices and decisions are going to be tough, being consciously in God's presence as we do so reminds us that we are a community of faith. 

This document is New Ways of Being Bethany. It is about the new structure of the church that was voted at the last Annual Meeting. It is how we are going to do what we do as a Church.

This document is the Financial Plan we will be voting about on September 28. It has explanatory material as well as numbers.

This is details of the 2014-2015 Financial Year.

Here is the form to submit a Giving Plan.

Read. Reflect. Question. Pray. Vote.