Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wednesday El Salvador Update

Today our Travelers left the community of San Antonio Grande at 5:30 am. to return to San Salvador. Rev. Mark talked to Rev. Amy and they were looking forward to breakfast because there would be no beans served. She also said, more importantly, that they had a great visit in San Antonio Grande. The most productive ever. Here are a couple of pictures stolen from Nancy Fowlers facebook.

If you would like to see an older video about the sewing project that was a big part of the visit to the community this time, you can find it HERE.

TODAY: The will meet with Rev. Dr. Medardo Gomez, Bishop of the Lutheran Church of El Salvador. This is him to the right. The other picture is in their cathedral worship space where the original Subversive Cross rests. For information about the Subversive Cross, go HERE.

Ricardo Barahona - Own work

The afternoon will find them in MUPI, the Museum of Image and Word in San Salvador that has collected materials from their Civil War.

And tonight, after dinner, they will have the music of Guillermo Cuellar, which should help them decompress from the community and museum. Guillermo wrote the Salvadoran Popular Mass at the request of Archbishop Oscar Romero.

Tomorrow will be a new adventure for all.