Saturday, August 16, 2014

El Saturday Update

First from yesterday from Rev. Amy:
 Here is the update!  We had a heavy day yesterday - talked to the ARENA rep - very smooth talker, but we were disturbed by his racism and kowtowing to big business.  Mining Conference - again big business trying to get into El Salvador - if they do, it will poison the Lempa River.  But Guatamala already mines on the Lempa and there is no stopping them.  Last night heard a famous E. S: economist who told us that ES has no economic freedom - because of international debt and use of US currency.  depressing.   
But today we are off to Deninger Park - perhaps a ropes course and a zip line, and some river swimming.  Should be lots of fun and relaxing.
Both ropes and swimming happened!

Also, more fun from the US being included in the El Salvador trip. See the video HERE.

Tomorrow they fly like an eagle.