Tuesday, August 12, 2014

El Salvador Update

The travelers to El Salvador continue to have nothing bad to say. 

Monday they arrived in San Antonio Grande, getting to know the place and people.  Tuesday they will spend the whole day in community. They will talk about how things are going and how they might go.

 They will have some solid time spent at the Sewing project.  Rev. Amy is hoping to show them how to copy a pattern for repeated use. The group brought with them a lot of fabric and about 12 sewing machines. This picture is of the luggage that carried fabric, thread, and sewing machines. Two machines were old school Singer's. Note: today is the anniversary of Isaac Singer getting a patent in 1851 on a practical sewing machine.

 Last night and tonight the day will end with song, music, laughing and lots of dancing. Tomorrow they leave the community at 5:30 am. Really.