Friday, August 15, 2014

El Salvador Friday Update

First, news from Yesterday.

From Rev. Amy:
 "We went to a ¨resort¨ and my food stared back at me.  Whole fish on my plate. Also had shrimp, and soup with crab,  squid, clams, and other seafood. 
We were welcomed to Jiquilisco, an up and coming coastal town, by the mayor and other dignitaries (one wearing a Castro type hat from Cuba!)  There was paparazzi taking all kinds of pictures.  After the trip to the resort and a boat ride, we went back to the town center and they presented us with the town flag, a t-shirt each, and amazingly, a coffee cup for each of us with our individual pictures on them!"


They will visit 'Asamblea Legislativa". The Legislative Assembly of the Republic of El Salvador is a collegial body, currently consists of 84 Deputies and Deputies, which have been elected by the citizens through voting.

While there they will have a chance to talk to the two main political parties in El Salvador: FMLN and ARENA. These two groups were the main combatants in the Civil War. Currently the President of El Salvador is from FMLN and the first Vice President is from ARENA. FMLN has three more Deputies in the legislature that ARENA does.

The Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (FMLN) is, since 1992, a centre-left to left-wing political party in El Salvador and formerly a coalition of five guerrilla organizations. The FMLN was formed as an umbrella group on October 10, 1980 from the left-wing guerrilla organizations. After peace accords were signed in 1992, all armed FMLN units were demobilized and their organization became a legal political party. The FMLN is now one of the two major political parties in El Salvador.

The Nationalist Republican Alliance (ARENA) was founded on 30 September 1981, by Roberto D'Aubuisson and Mercedes Gloria Salguero Gross. ARENA controlled the National Assembly until 1985, and its next leader Alfredo Cristiani, was elected to the presidency in 1989. ARENA controlled the presidency from 1989 to 2009. ARENA gained a plurality in the 2012. During the Civil War they were strongly supported by the US Government.

Imagine Robert E. Lee and Ulysses Grant leading two political parties.

Then the traveler will turn to art and hope to remind them that everything Salvadorian is not about the war. They will meet with some artists from the National University. They will find out SHICALI Ceramics. Shicali is a handmade product, is pottery made on the potter's wheel ACOGIPRI by members of the cooperative. The cooperative was founded in 1981 with the idea of ​​having a workplace for young people with physical disabilities, run by themselves. Initially the workshop was a center of learning pottery. Now it is about production.

Then there is someting called a Mining Conference with UNES, ecologically minded group.

After dinner they will talk about the El Salvador U.S. relationship.
This is where they stay in San Slavador.