Thursday, May 8, 2014

KIOSK May 8-16


This Sunday

Christian Education Sunday
Scripture:John 1-:1-10
Sermon: "We are Sheep"
Music: Second Sunday Concert: Nancy and Lilly Smith
Worship: Three Short Pieces (The Honeysuckle    Fruit of Love   Lullabie) by Anthony Holborne  played by members of the Bethany Early Music Consort,  Sheep May Safely Graze by J.S. Bach
Mission: PinS Snack Collection
Youth: Bethany Cup

This Week 

May 8 - May 16
10:00 am Worship
11:15 am Hospitality

6:30 Conversational Spanish with Betsy Parah

11:30 am Bethany Bowl
6:30 pm Habitat For Humanity (Barre-Mont)

7:00 pm Deacons

7:00 am Spiritual Exploration Group
11:45 am Brown Bag @Westview
6:30 pm Choir
8:00 pm Bell Choir

9:00 am Spring Clean Up Day

10:00 am Sunday Worship
11:00 am Hospitality
11:45 pm Youth Group @Positive Pie 2


 May 11 is Mother’s Day and the Christian Education Board invites you to come to church that day with your family and friends.  Invite your kids, grandkids, best friends, neighbors, and yes, your Mom.  The celebration will be intergenerational and a refreshing reminder of one of Bethany’s important missions!

Food Pantry
For the month of May Montpelier Food Pantry is Fruit! Canned, Dried, Juice or Boxed.
Spring Clean Up Day
Save the date!  Saturday May 17th 9-noon.

The Bethany Directory is in the final steps before production. We would like to include you if you want to be. If you are wondering if you have been included in this publication and if so is the information correct, please call Phyllis Rowell at 476-4277 or e-mail her at

Pins Project
Snacks for Kids-Children are often at DCF in Barre for stretches of time because of court hearings or family visits.  The office is always in need of snacks and drinks for kids.  On Mother’s Day. May 11, we will be collecting snacks to help out.  Please bring snacks wrapped as individual servings: crackers, cookies, fruit strips, toddler snacks, juice boxes, etc.  DCF needs to be able to store any snacks without refrigeration.  Thank you for helping with our PINS partnership with DCF.

A Conversational Spanish Class
This is for beginners as well as the more proficient, will be held Mondays, 6:00 - 7:30 pm at Bethany during May and June. Facilitator is Betsy Parah. There will be a sign-up sheet on the bulletin board near the parlor; or email Betsy at Anyone interested in learning some phrases for travel, or simply looking for an opportunity to work on their Spanish, is welcome to take part.
People going on the upcoming El Salvador trip are especially encouraged to join us! Payment will be $5.00 per class you attend. If you miss a class, you don't owe $$ for that class. Spanish class money earned will be contributed to the Bethany Church operating budget. Bueno, amigos, amigas y compadres - vamos a hablar espanol, juntos!

Support for Summer Camp:
In the past, the CE Board has been able to fund some partial scholarships for Bethany kids to attend Covenant Hills Christian Camp, located in Cabot. Because of the low interest earned by our savings account in the last few years, we don’t have any funds eligible for this purpose (until the principal in our savings account grows again). We know there are Bethany kids who would like to attend Covenant Hills this year. Click HERE to go to website.
If you would like to contribute for that purpose, please see a CE Board member: Patty Turley, Amy Papineau, Melitta Maddox, Cindy Cykon, Karen Songhurst or make a check out to the church, with the notation that it is for Camp Scholarships.


The CE Board is contemplating an easy-going summer program for kids that involves simple gardening projects.  Perhaps outside at Bethany but if not, certainly some inside projects.  The program would be based on the wonderful book Seedfolks by Paul Fleischman – which follows a community garden, participant-by-participant in short, illuminating chapters. You may remember that this was a “community read” many years ago. We need to know if kids will be attending Bethany this summer, and we also need adults to help.  Or, would this be a fun project before or after church, for all ages? Are you interested in being part of a team the pulls this together?  Please let a CE Board member know!  Patty Turley, Amy Papineau, Melitta Maddox, Cindy Cykon, Karen Songhurst

Second Sunday Concert
Mother's Day, May 11th. What better way to celebrate Mother's Day than to have a mother/daughter duo performing. Nancy and Lilly Smith who performed in the sanctuary on New Year's Eve will be our performers this month. We begin at 9:30 a.m. in the Chapel and coffee will be served.

MAY 6, 2014, FED 100,  HEAD COOK: Phyllis Rowell and John Hnylka   SOUP FETCHER:Tom Lever  DISHWASHERS: Gary Rogers and Conrad Rowell  HELPERS: Grace Tarrant, Kathy Andrews, Ira Gravatt, Cynthia Latimer, Anne DeVaughn. The menu was sort of a Mexican meal in honor of Cinco de Mayo. It was taco salad made by John and Phyllis, four bean salad, egg salad sandwiches made by Ira and Cynthia who also was the dessert lady, and the usual assorted desserts and beverages. Kathy and Grace washed and set tables. John's wife Jean came in to help since we were short-handed on the serving line. The leftovers from the Mystery Dinner, meat loaf and green beans, were a nice addition for the first in line.  NOTE: PHYLLIS'S FINGER SLIPPED LAST WEEK. WE FED 112 NOT 212.  TRIVIA FACT: The most we have ever fed at the Bowl was 184.

Persephone Sykas Ringgenberg has a puppy that will be training to be a service dog for her.  There is cost involved and we will be hosting a fundraising event here at Bethany on Friday, May 30th which will be a family friendly coffee house/game night with DJ entertainment.  For more information please see me after the service in the parlor. Thank you all for your ongoing support.
Blessings, Liz Sykas-Ringgenberg