Tuesday, March 4, 2014

KIOSK Feb 28-March 7

It is with great sadness we tell you that Chris Jackman died  on Friday February 28 at around 10 am. Earlier she had cracked her hip and had been in Rowan Court Rehab Facility, but was taken to the ICU were she passed.
Chris was a fixture at Bethany Church being the Sunday Superintendent when John Calvin started reading. She also survived the years when Anthony Otis was in Sunday School. She was someone who always put others and their concerns before her own. She was unfailingly kind. Good-bye Chris.
This Week
At Bethany Church - February 28- March 7
10:00 am Worship with Communion
10:15 am Sunday School
11:15 am Hospitality
11:30 am Bethany Bowl
12 noon Ash Wednesday service at Christ Episcopal Church
7:00 am Spiritual Exploration Group
11:45 am Brown Bag
6:30 pm Choir
8:00 pm Bell Choir
8:30 am Bethany Cup
9:30 am Second Sunday Concert
10:00 am Worship
10:15 am Sunday School
11:00 am Hospitality

Rev. Mark's

It would appear that insulation work in Mark's office will make it hard for him to be in there. So, feel free to see him at:
  • Capital Ground Tuesday morning
  • Bethany Bowl Tuesday noon time
  • La Brioche Thursday morning
  • Three Penny Taproom Friday afternoon
You can also invite him to your home or make other arrangements.



The Art of Bethany 
From March 16 - April 13, 2014, Bethany Church will be presenting an Art Show featuring artists connected to Bethany Church. Pieces by Will Adams, Kevin MacNeil Brown, Kimberley Greeno, Sarah Munro, and Arthur Zorn will be featured. Our chapel will be transformed into an art gallery and open to the public. An Opening Gala will be held on Sunday, March 16th from 3-5 pm. Meet the artists, talk with them about their work, and enjoy light refreshments. Tickets for the gala are by donation and all proceeds go to support the work of Bethany Church in the community. Mark your calendars!

Bethany's Annual Spring Auction 
Bethany’s Annual Spring Auction will take place on April 5 in Fellowship Hall.  Items for the sale may be brought to the church during the week before the sale.  We will need about 100 “lots” to make it a good sale.  A “lot” can be a single item or a set of similar items.  Have you decided what you can give?  If you have, there are forms that the committee will use to plan the sequence of the sale and you may use the form to request a report on the sale of your item(s) for tax purposes.  See Gary or Anita Rogers for details.
Help needed in waxing Fellowship Hall - 
Rescheduled- due to sickness and shortage of volunteers. On Sat., Mar. 22,@ 8 am The Property Board will gather to sweep, wash and wax the floor in Fellowship Hall. They would appreciate the help of 4-5 more people. If 8 am seems too early 9 or 10 is not too late as those who have been here will need a break. This effort will take 3-4 hours depending on the number of helpers. Please call Gary Rogers @ 229-9893 if you can help. (If we need to cancel then Gary will know who to call.) 
Would the individual who has pledge envelope #661please see Judy Ribolini. She can't find her list and there was no name on the envelope. Thank you.

Finance Update
We have reached a point in our fiscal year where expenses sometimes exceed income.  Any increase or pre-payment of your pledge, as well as other financial contribution toward Bethany’s operating expenses, is greatly appreciated.

Ash Wednesday
Wed., March 5 Check out our website for an online Ash Wednesday devotional, or if you would like the imposition of ashes, Christ Church has a service and a sidewalk imposition of ashes at noon, as well as a service at 7 pm. Check it out!

Next Sunday 
Second Sunday Concert at 9:30 am in the Chapel! March 9 - The Bethany Baritones & Three Amigas
Bethany Cup! 
Join the Youth Group next Sunday for our traditional Tropical Bethany Cup!
Break the winter blues with the tropical flavors of coconut, pineapple, and orange!
Full breakfast $5. 8:30 - 9:30 am in the parlor.
Save-the-Date from Stewardship Committee.
May 3, 2014 at 5:30PM will be a Pot Luck Dinner. More information to come…..Joanne Hardy, Chair- Art Farnum.  
Lenten Book Study 
Starting on March 9th, we will be looking at the book, "The Last Week", by Marcus Borg and J. Dominic Crossan. The book's subtitle is "What the Gospels Really Teach about Jesus' Final days in Jerusalem". Starting with Palm Sunday and ending with Easter, the book looks at what the Bible says and doesn't say while looking for metaphorical meaning in what is actually said. We will discuss what we learn and what it means for us.

Discussion/class will be on Sundays from 11:30ish to 1 pm. If you sign up during hospitality, we will order a book for you. You can also buy an e-book version or get the book yourself. You do not need to sign up to attend. But please, read the chapter for that week.

BUT WAIT! THERE IS MORE! If you want to be a part of discussing the book, but cannot make it to class (ever or every time) there will be an online component for those who wish. There you can read what the class thought important and add your own comments and questions. There is a link on the church website or you can go 
HERE: reddoorroomtable.blogspot.com/. 

Bethany Bowl,February 25, 2014, Fed: 120  Head COOK: Phyllis Rowell Soup Getter: Tom Lever.  Dishwashers: Gary Rogers and Conrad Rowell. Helpers: Chris Terry, Anne DeVaughn, Pete Gomez. Today's menu was NECI potato, leek and broccoli soup, baked beans and hot dogs, carrot raisin salad, apple sauce, tuna salad sandwich, desserts and beverages. Many thanks to Sarah Williams and Rev Mark for helping at the last minute.
We could use more smaller containers for left overs. The smaller cottage cheese containers for example are perfect.
Bethany Church UCC is an Open and Affirming Church. We affirm that gays, lesbians, bi-sexual, and transgender people are and should be a full part of our life and leadership.
We gather because together we can do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with God.