Saturday, January 25, 2014


January 24-January 31
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This Week At
Bethany Church 
Jan. 19-26

10:00 am Worship
10:15 am Sunday School     
11:15 am Hospitality
7:00 pm Youth Group    

3:15 pm Monday Magic and Munchies    

7:00 Finance Committee
11:30 am Bethany Bowl 

3:15 Nifty Knitters    

7:00 am Spiritual Exploration Group 

9:00 am Dialogue Due
11:45 am Brown Bag
6:30 pm Choir    

8:00 pm Bell Choir

7:30 am Youth Group Superbowl Subs  
10:00 am Worship 

10:15 am Sunday School  
11:00 am Hospitality    
Forward to Friend
How long does Epiphany last? How long will the star be a symbol? Until Ash Wednesday.
Bethany Church UCC is an Open and Affirming Church. We affirm that gays, lesbians, bi-sexual, and transgender people are and should be a full part of our life and leadership.
We gather because together we can do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with God.
The Season of Epiphany
John 1:29-42  

Sermon: "It's Not About Me"
Music: Fugue in C by Buxtehude, Ubi Caritas Et Amor arr. by R. Emmerson, Jesus Shall Reign arr. by Hatton & Zorn
Mission: Collecting and blessing offering to Food Pantry and dinner for the Good Samaritan Haven
Youth: An anchovy free meeting
Justin Murray is singing with the Vermont Symphony Orchestra!
Check out the story HERE.
Here you see Alec and Bradley Benedict, part of a Robotics team that has won the privilege of competing against the top 50 teams of Vermont and New Hampshire! The story is HERE.
This Sunday we will collect food for the Montpelier Pantry. Our focus food will be soup because when it is as cold as this, SOUP feeds more than the belly!

2013 Giving Statements will be available from Judy Ribolini and Joanne Hardy after church today.

Feeding Homeless
Bring in food for the Good Samaritan Haven's Sunday Supper! We will warm it, bless it, and deliver it. It is heart warming work, which is why Judi Joy is smiling above!

Bethany Bowl
January 21, 2014  Fed: 116  Head Cooks: Joan Barrett and John Hnylka  Soup Getter: Tom Lever at National Life Dishwashers: Gary Rogers and Conrad Rowell  Helpers: Anita Rogers who also made snow men centerpieces for the tables, Anne DeVaughn and Chris Terry who both made desserts and served, Phyllis Rowell who supervised the class from Union School which washed and set the ten tables and Tom Lever serving drinks and filling in for Pete Gomez who is still recovering from a fall. The menu was Pork and Veggie Soup, (it has a more exotic name but I can't remember it), Ham and Egg Stratta, Italian Green Beans, Fruit Cup, Manghi's Bread ,Assorted Desserts and Beverages.  
Are you interested in a Lenten Study?
A chance to deepen your knowledge of what scripture and history tell us about Holy Week?  Rev. Mark is offering a study, using the book "The Last Week". The sessions would be 1.5 hours (less). We need an idea of participation, so please let us know your preference of when to hold this offering:  Sunday mornings at 11:30 or Tuesday evenings at 6:00.  Use the insert in the bulletin, or email Mark with your choice.
SOUPer Bowl
SUPER BOWL XLVII Broncos! Seahawks! Who are you for? Put your money in the bucket as you walk out the door. Support Good Samaritan Haven dinners as you support your team. Sunday, February 2nd.

Two new opportunities for YOUTH at Bethany! 
On Monday afternoons from 3:15-4:45 pm, youth in grades 6-12 are invited to Monday Magic and Munchies! We will be playing the card game Magic:The Gathering and having snacks. If you don't know know how to play, we will teach you! Come for the fun!
On Tuesday afternoons from 3:15- 4:45 pm, youth in grades 6-12 are invited to join the Nifty Knitters! Nifty Knitters is a way to save the world by knitting - anti-bullying scarves, wool hats for kids in Afghanistan, and prayer shawls! We will knit and talk and have snacks. If you don't know how to knit, we will teach you! Join us!

Trustee Action
At their meeting on Wednesday night, the Trustees voted, at the request of the Christian Education Board, to remove three pews from the rear of the sanctuary. Additional space is needed on the parking lot side of the building to maneuver wheelchairs and scooters out of the elevator. The space created on the street side of the sanctuary will be used as flexible seating for families with children. This change will take place in the next couple of weeks. Please let the Trustees know what you think when you see this new arrangement!

Vermont Conference Annual Meeting
Rooted and Grounded in Love”
April 25th and 26th
Annual Meeting will take place on Friday and Saturday, April 25th and 26th, from roughly mid-morning on Friday until mid-afternoon on Saturday. We’ll meet at Lake Morey Inn and Resort in Fairlee.
The planning committee for the Vermont Conference UCC Annual Meeting is working hard and excitedly to prepare for our upcoming Annual Meeting. Official announcements and information about the meeting will soon make their way to you, but, given that we have changed the date of the meeting, I thought it wise, as chair of the planning committee, to send a quick update on our plans .
We have some great plans and ideas for this year’s meeting; our work focuses on shaping the time we have together as a time of spiritual retreat and practice… The theme/title of this year’s meeting is “Rooted and Grounded in Love”, based on a text from the 3rd chapter of Paul’s Letter to the Ephesians. We’ll be blessed by the presence of Gregory Norbet, whom some may know for his holy music, written when he was a brother at Weston Priory. Workshops will center on spiritual practice and its relationship to the way we do our work as Christians…