Friday, January 17, 2014

KIOSK! Janu ary 16-23

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Here is what's Happening on Sunday
The Season of Epiphany
John 1:29-42  

Sermon: "It's Not About Me"
Music: We Shall Overcome, The Joy of Mary and Hand in Hand 
Sunday School
Spirituality: Evensong

This Week At Bethany Church 
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  January 16-23

10:00 am Worship
10:15 am Sunday School
11:15 am Hospitality
5:00 pm Evensong 


11:30 am Bethany Bowl

7:15 am Senior High Breakfast 
6:30 pm Trustees 

7:00 am Spiritual Exploration Group 
11:45 am Brown Bag West View 
6:30 pm Choir 
8:00 pm Bell Choir 

 10:00 am Worship 
10:15 am Sunday School 
11:00 am Hospitality 
7:00 pm Youth Group




Evensong will be this Sunday at 5:00. Songs and Psalms, prayers and peace. 

   We will receive donations to the Food Pantry on January 26. The focus food is, as the sign says, SOUP.

Dialogue articles will be due on Thursday, January 30 at 9 am. Pictures?

Christmas Fund

The Christmas Fund is a Special Mission Offering of the UCC. Donations are used to provide assistance to retired UCC clergy and lay church employees. During 2012 approximately 900 persons were helped. Much of the money is used to provide monthly pension supplementation for low income retirees to meet needs for food, utilities, living and/ or medical expenses. Others received help to pay for quarterly health premiums. Emergency grants were provided to 45 active or retired clergy/ lay employees to assist with unexpected large medical expenses or home damage resulting from natural disasters. Finally Christmas Thank You gifts were given to 500 retirees to remind them that the Church is grateful for their service. 

You are invited to give to this fund if you wish. Please note this is where you would like your gift to go and the office will send it on.

You can also find information and donate by clicking HERE

Feeding the Homeless
This Sunday is the last opportunity to sign up to contribute a dish to the Good Samaritan Haven Dinner which is planned for next Sunday, the 26th. The shelter is experiencing more people in need of their services so we are asked to bring plenty of food for them to serve. Imagine all the people being warm and well fed and imagine that you are part of that circle of care. It can warm your heart while warming their tummies. Many thanks to all who contribute to this wonderful ministry!!

 Bethany Bowl

JANUARY 14, 2014,  FED: 100  HEAD COOKS: Judi Joy and John Hnylka  SHOPPER: Joanne Hardy   DISHWASHERS: Gary Rogers and Conrad Rowell HELPERS: Judy Murray, Chris Terry, Anne DeVaughn, Phyllis Rowell, Jean Hnylka The menu was a lentil vegetable soup from NECI, pasta with meatballs and John's tomato sauce, tossed salad made by Judy Murray, assorted desserts, ice cream, and beverages. A class from UES washed and set the tables. A big thank you to Rev. Mark for filling in on the soup end of the serving line.

Recalculating the Way


March 29, 2014 at Lake Morey Inn, Fairlee
The Vermont Conference UCC and the Episcopal Church in Vermont Present:
Recalculating the Way: where new understandings of Vitality, Formation, Stewardship and Mission combine to create and nurture disciples in our congregations. Designed for teams of 4-6 from each church (individuals also welcome), and a registration cost of only $10! 

Click HERE for additional information - please print and share widely! Registration opens soon.
Contact Jim in the Conference office ( ) for more info.


We are part of a mighty community. To read a bit more about what we do as a part of the church community, you can read about the Vermont Conference. 
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