Sunday, July 7, 2013

Today's Sermon Links

In today's sermon "World" (July 7) Rev. Mark mentioned a story he heard on NPS's Radiolab. Here is the link to that episode  Radiolab.

The actual story starts at just before the 4 minute mark, but listen from the beginning about St John The Divine in New York City and there St. Francis Day blessing of the animals.

The story about the whales ends near the 15 minutes mark. But keep listening to the next story about spindle cells. Fascinating.

You can also just click here to listen:

You can also see a video about a a separate story involving a whale rescue.

And here are the links about caring for creation as if we were created to be it's stewards.

Environmental Ministries
Green Justice Church
Synod's move to divest from Fossil Fuel 
Additional links