Friday, July 19, 2013

A little help please

Michelle Murray is involved teaching English as a Second Language and wants us to know:

A cultural exchange program bringing kids from Guangzhou, China to Northfield.  is  seeking just a few more housing placements for our middle school students. If you or someone you know in Northfield, Roxbury, Montpelier or the surrounding areas might be interested in hosting 2-3 kids, here are the facts:
  • Kids arrive Tuesday July 23 and depart August 4th
  • Stipend provided for each student
  • Students need their own sleeping surface (i.e. no shared beds) but can share one room.
  • You provide breakfast and dinner and a snack to bring to school.
  • We provide lunch, English, cultural exploration and activities from 8:30 - 4:30 each day.
  • In the evenings and on weekends, show them what life is like in a typical Vermont family in the summer (swim, fish, ride bikes, hike, camp, walk, cook, watch a movie, play a game, go to a ball game, shop, eat etc.)
  • You do not need to have school age kids...just an extra room and the willingness to share our culture with them.
Thanks for any last minute leads! Can also contact Sam Hagen at or Rich Kendrick  above.