Tuesday, November 6, 2012

November Dialogue

The Lawn Sale is a Yearly Event.  For 2013 we are trying to make it an ALL Church Event.  That is, we are asking the whole church to find some way to do their share.  Boards and Committees are asked to to take a night of sorting and pricing.Here are a few arguments for this as an ALL Church Event.
The Fun Way
If you are a part of the work of our Annual Lawn Sale, you have the possibility of:
  • all expense trip to the Montana Rivera, paid for by Art Farnum & Cathy Cowens
  • learning which parishioner Amy Pitton is related-in-law to
  • finding the perfect gift Aunt Beulah, who has given you such unbelievable things
  • learning how to do a store fold on a shirt or yelling “Timber” when a stack falls
  • seeing what happens to pets and small children turned in for the sale
  • earning your secret powers and becoming a hero, without bite of radioactive wombat
  • Why the Spring Auction on April 27 is easier (so save the date...)
  • Sadly, you have already missed seeing Amy Bell play with Barbies
The Serious Way
If you are a part of the work of our Annual Lawn Sale, you ARE a part of Bethany Church in a way that supports who we are and what we do by supporting the community and doing what we do. If you think you are a part of things already, then you are not helping the Sale you are doing your part for this All Church activity.
The Fearful Way
If people are not a part of this effort, bad things might happen. Baaad things....
The Simple Way
Many hand make light work.” 0r “One for all and all for Bethany.” 
The Truthful Way
We like you. We want you. We need you. 

Bethany Youth Group News!

Sunday, November 4th – Meet in the Youth Room 7-8:30
Just a good old fashioned youth group meeting; scripture and anchovies! Come for the fun!
Sunday, November 11th – Meet in the Church kitchen at 7:30 AM
This is the month for PUMPKIN muffins (just letting you know, Patrick!) You all did an excellent job last month – let's do it again!
Sunday, November 18th - no Youth Group
Sunday, November 28 – no Youth Group
Have a happy Thanksgiving!
The deadline for the next dialogue (December) is Tuesday November 27th at 10:00.  Please note, December will be the last regularly mailed dialogue. Articles, submissions will be the done the same way.

Join the Youth Group for
Sunday, November 11th – 8:30-9:30 am in the Parlor!
Come for warm, homemade muffins, great coffee, yogurt parfaits,
an oatmeal bar, and artisan bread for toasting.
$5 for full breakfast - $3 for coffee and a muffin

Confirmation News!
The Confirmation Class is underway and what a great class it is! There are six enthusiastic high school students in the class. We have had our first lock-in, during which we explored prayer. Over the course of the next month, we will be talking about speaking the truth in love, giving thanks and what it means to be forgiven. The class would like to thank Mark Pitton, Jennifer Weinert, Stephanie Ratmeyer and Paul Richardson for providing some delicious dinners!
Name Please
WE NEED NEW NAMES for the formerly color-coded doors of classrooms in the basement! The classrooms in the basement are currently called the Blue Door, Purple Door and Red Door rooms because the doors to these rooms used to be painted those colors - but no longer! Now the names are confusing, and we have an opportunity to name these classrooms something else! We could be boring and simply number them, but there is sure to be something that is more fun! If you have an idea of what we could name these rooms, send your suggestions in to revamyp@comcast.net and they will be discussed by the appropriate boards!
Advent is coming!
We are looking for families or groups that would be interested in lighting the Advent candles in the Advent wreath on the Sundays during Advent. Contact Amy Pitton at revamyp@comcast.net if you would like to participate!
Christmas is Coming...
Bethany Cookbooks still available AND ON SALE! Want gifts for the upcoming holidays? Have children who have moved out and are living on their own? Why not give them the "gift that keeps on giving" . . . a Bethany Church Cookbook. They are now on sale for $10.00 ($2.00 discount from the original price). Contact Judy Ribolini to get your copy at judy.ribolini@gmail.com or see her in Church!

Theater Opportunities!
A fair number of our church community members are involved in upcoming theater productions in the Montpelier Community! Amy Papineau and Angus Fraser are in The Music Man, which is being presented by the Montpelier Theater Guild – Amy has one of the lead roles! And Montpelier High School is presenting a production of Godspell – Jessica Collins, Carolyn Jones and Patrick Fraser are all involved in the production. Details about the performances are below – let's support our church friends as well as the arts in our community!
The Music Man – presented by the Montpelier Theater Guild at Union Elementary School November 9, 10,16 & 17 at 7:30 pm - Matinee performances November 11 &18 at 2 pm
Tickets $12 for adults and $8 for seniors and students – advance tickets available at Bear Pond Books
GODSPELL – presented by Montpelier High School at Montpelier High School tentative dates – December 7-9.
Check with MHS for times and ticket prices.

With Sadness
Our sympathies and prayers go out to the families of Phyllis Bowles and Ruth Maker. Phyllis passed away on Friday, October 26th in Florida, and her memorial service was held at Bethany Church on Saturday, November 3rd. Ruth also passed away on Friday, October 26th, and her service will be held in Storrs, Connecticut.
God's Only Successful Prophet!
On Sunday, November 11, the Sunday School will be presenting the play, “God's Only Successful Prophet”, written and directed by Mark Pitton, during the Sunday morning worship service! Come hear the story of Jonah and support our Sunday School students! It is a production not to be missed!
Vision Update:
 The Visioning Committee (Patty Turley, Joanne Hardy, Liz Sykas-Ringgenberg, Stephanie Ratmeyer, Steve Frey, and Amy Pitton) has met regularly over the past four months.  We’ve gathered information from the Congregation through our Reflective Wall questions since August. Reflective Walls are now up in our rental rooms for the next several weeks, to receive information from the groups that use the building.
 We are moving into a more formal gathering mode. Up next:  An email survey to each rental group, which will be both about “Customer Satisfaction” and vision. Visioning Committee members will be meeting with boards, committees and groups.  After that: a survey of the Congregation. We are also exploring the use of an electronic bulletin board.
 Our next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, November 15 at 7:00 a.m. in the parlor. We welcome your ideas and participation at any time. 
Thank you.
 Patty Turley
 Mark and Amy Pitton will be on vacation from November 19 – 26th. If you have a pastoral emergency, please contact Liz Sykas-Ringgenberg, chair of the Deacons or the church office.
Dialogue in the 21st Century
If we move from mailing the Dialogue 11 times a year to emailing it we will be able to do a better job of communication. An email can be sent to everyone in a family and to what ever address they want. People in high School and college, those who have moved away, and each person in a family would get their own copy. When one copy is sent to a home, one person gets and maybe the the only one who knows where it is. Every individual would know it has arrived and where they can easily and quickly find it to read. Smart phones will make reading the Dialogue a breeze. Including color pictures will be easy. Fast Delivery.
So, starting on January 1, 2013 the Dialogue be sent electronically as Bethany's standard delivery service. People will be able to buy a subscription and have it sent to their home by First Class mail. The Dialogue will also be available at the church (kiosk and office). It would continue to be found on the website.
As of January 1, 2013, weekly emails will be sent on Thursdays that include information on the weekend, worship, and the up coming week. It could include prayer requests and urgent items where response is needed by Sunday. This would be sent to every individual who wanted it.
There are also some saving to be found in better communication. Currently it costs about $65 a month plus labor. To increase communication to 5 times a month with color pictures to every individual it will cost about $15 dollars and a third of the labor.
To receive the electronic Dialogue, please send an email to UccBethany@comcast.net with “Communicate” in the subject line.
To receive just the Dialogue via US Mail the subscription rate will be $6 a year. Please include that payment with a confirmation of your address.

We anticipate some changes and updates to our Bylaws, to be presented at our next Annual Meeting in June.  If you’ve noticed an issue or have an idea for changes, please let Patty Turley know atpturley@zclpc.com or 223-5488.

When did WE see you hungry?
 November 25 we will blessing food. This will follow a weeks wortth of giving thanks for food and our other blessings in life. But on the 25 we will bless food that we will not eat. All the food that day will go to hungry pweople at the Good Samaritan Haven (Homeless Shelter) and in the Montpelier area through the Food Pantry. Just giving it is a blessing, but we will send it with our care and concern. We will bless it with our hope that love and we will ask God to bless it with a spiritual nourishment.
If you would like to give to the Montpelier Food Pantry, we are focusing on pasta and noodles. Bring it anytime to worship or the office. We do this every month on the last Sunday of the month.
If you would like to give food to the Good Samaritan Haven, we provide the Sunday Supper on the 4th Sunday of the month. There is a sign up that has spaces open for entrees, vegetables, drink, desert, etc. Sign ups happen during hospitality and during the week when the list can be found on the bulletin board.
The Treasurer Speaks
When making payments to the church by check, it would be helpful if you would put in the memo section what your check is for (pledge, fuel, NIN, OCWM, Bethany Bowl or whatever) to be sure the money is directed where you would like it to be. If you drop money off during office hours at the church, you can also put the information on the outside of the envelope.
I continue to work with Joanne Hardy to get a handle on how the church finances work and the many people involved. This is a transition YEAR and we continue to ask for your patience and understanding as we progress. Do not hesitate to ask us questions. We may not know the answer at that time, but will do our best to find the answer and get back to you when we can.

Work will soon begin on repairs to the Steinert piano in the sanctuary which have been deferred for the last few years due to costs and because we had the Shegeru piano to use. Now that the Shegeru piano is being returned to the valley, repairs need to be completed.
Choir rehearsals continue on Thursdays at 7 pm and Sundays at 9 with bell choir at 6:15 each Thursday.

Make a large place in your heart for Music and it will bring you a priceless reward.
All the desires of you heart will come closer as you become attuned to the rhythm and harmony of life.
In the hour of rest Music will uplift your spirit and give refreshment to every faculty of your being.
In the hour of work you will rejoice in the strength and energy Music has given you.
In the hour of jubilee Music will bring you thrills of delight that compensate for that which is dull and commonplace.
In the hour of prayer Music will quicken the aspirants of your soul and perfume your life with the bath of heaven.
In the hour of fellowship Music will blend your spirit with others in unity and understanding.
In the hour of love Music will enrich your heart with feelings that magnify the meaning of existence.
In the hour of memory Music will unseal the past and bring a sacred glory to the present.
In the hour of death Music will speak to you of a life filled with an eternity of joy and song.
In the hour of vision Music will give you power and scope to your imagination and bring into reality the things that were not.
In the hour of high purpose, Music will summon the potentialities of your soul and urge them forward to great and glorious achievement.
Such is the power of Music; to this power open the doors of your soul and there will enter into life a greater fullness of all that makes for progress and joy.

Give a Call
Please let us if you know of ill or homebound people in our Bethany community who would appreciate a card or visit.  Call the church office, Esther Farnsworth, 225-6006 or Melitta Maddox 262-1019. 

San Antonio Grande
The San Antonio Grande scholarship fund campaign will begin with a fun event for all ages on Saturday, November 10.  We're having a rerun of the delicious meal we enjoyed when we celebrated 20 years of friendship with San Antonio Grande in June 2011:  make-your-own tostadas with all the fixings, salad, fruit, and tres leches cake!  The 6:00 supper will be followed by entertainment from local musicians Tom Wales and Renee Lagala - songs for everyone!  The cost is $10 for ages 13 and up, $5 for ages 5-12, and free for those under 5.  No reservation is necessary and you can contact Theresa Lever if you have any questions.  We are happy to offer you this fun event and we thank you for your support!

Historically Deadly
Bethany Church is already helping those who have been damaged by Sandy the hurricane, the extra-tropical storm, the Frankenstorm.  Because of your gifts to One Great Hour of Sharing, Church World Service is already responding. Which means we are.  Because of the clean up kits we made last spring, CWS has them to give to any who need them.  Because we are a part of the United Church of Christ, we have people already helping on the U.S. East Coast and in the Caribbean.
 To find out all that is being done to help, you can check websites for the OneGreat Hour of Sharing and UCC National Disaster Ministries and the Church World Servicewebsite. Links are provided on our website.
Also on our website is a way to give electronically.
You can also give to Bethany Church and we will send it on directly to CWS if you note on the gift "For Sandy".
And if money and physical things are not your thing, then: pray baby, pray. People will feel lost, confused, impatient, frustrated, scared, angry, defeated, and bad.  Prayer is going to help these.

Stewards of Life Abundant:
Transformative Generosity

You will be enriched in every way for your great generosity, which will produce thanksgiving to God. – 2 Corinthians 9:11
As Biblical scholar Walter Brueggemann points out, the Bible starts out with a liturgy of abundance – a song of praise for God’s generosity. It keeps saying, “It is good, it is good, it is good, it is very good.” Filled with God’s generosity, Jesus went around to people suffering from scarcity – of health, of acceptance, of power, of understanding – and replaced it with a gift of abundance. Jesus is well-schooled in the transformative generosity of God and in the conviction that if you share your bread with the neighbor, the world will be made new. He knows that generosity isn’t something you just think about, it’s something you do.
Stewardship presumes blessing and abundance. Jesus sums up the purpose of his ministry this way: that we “may have life, and have it abundantly.” Our job is discernment of the ways in which all of us, including the church, already have “far more than all we can ask or imagine.” Then the real work of stewardship becomes embracing generosity in the spirit of Jesus as a way of life. How is this way of life transformative for you?

This resource is a free service and is made possible by your gifts to Our Church's Wider Mission.