Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sandy - as a ministry opportunity.

Big Hearts.
Bethany Church is already helping those who have been damaged by Sandy the hurricane, the extra-tropical storm, the Frankenstorm.  Because of your gifts to One Great Hour of Sharing, Church World Service is already responding. Which means we are.  Because of the clean up kits we made last spring, CWS has them to give to any who need them.   

From the CWS Web site.
To find out all that is being done to help, you can check out the Church World Service website at  CWS.

You can also friend them on facebook at CWS.

If you would like to make a donation to go directly to relief and response to Sandy, you can do so HERE.  You can also give to Bethany Church and we will send it on directly to CWS if you note on the gift "For Sandy".

And if money and physical things are not your thing: then pray baby pray. People will feel lost, confused, impatient, frustrated, scared, angry, defeated, and bad.  Prayer is going to help these things too.