Friday, October 5, 2012

October Dialogue

On September 30th we blessed these Prayer Shawls so any one can give them.

This year we will be observing Neighbors in Need on October 7th, Worldwide Communion Sunday.
A quick look at Bethany's 2012 Annual Report shows that last year (2011) we gave just under $2400. It is possible that some members have contributed independently in addition to the above.
The material used for this writing is the bulletin inserts that will be used for four weeks. In looking quickly, it is interesting how NIN monies are used to aid a variety of our more marginalized populations in both large cities and rural areas. One of the bulletin inserts is about a Vermont program that benefits from NIN monies, another about a program in another New England State.
Do come to church during the next four weeks so you can see how your NIN monies are invested. If anyone is unable to attend church but would like copies of the inserts, contact Ben Washburne (223-7929) and he will see to it that copies are mailed to you.
Bethany Church does so much mission work on a local level – city, county and state. This is a great opportunity to show our support for some of our neighbors who are not so nearby. The humanitarian programs supported by NIN are well worth your investment.
Ben Washburne

 Fall Clean Up Day- Saturday October 27 from 9-noon.
 All are welcome to join in the fun! 

We give Thanks to Each Other
For Each Other
We ARE Better Together!

Our thanks to all those who have sent a pledge in for this financial year. Your commitment and your financial support means a lot. Your commitment means we can plan and your money means we can do. Our thanks also to those who give money to Bethany Church. You help us do ministry and mission in God's name. Please note that unpledged money is listed under loose collection giving. If you use one of the brown envelopes in the pews and put your name on it, then we will have a record for you at tax time. Without a name, or a designation as to where you want it used, gifts in that envelope are credited to the Loose Collection line item.
Our thanks too, to everyone who gives of their time, professional skills, willingness to try, creativity, love, good spirit, and prayers. Without these gifts, all the money in the world would not make us a faith community!

Overheard in the balcony:
December 30 there will be a Vivaldi concert at Bethany. It will either be glorious or Vivaldi's Gloria or both (acoustics are tricky when eavesdropping). Plus there might be an ecumenical Christmas tour... Save the date.

The Lawn Sale
THANK YOU to all who donated items for the 2012 Bethany Lawn and Bake Sale - - we couldn’t do it without you. And of course, THANK YOU to all who were part of the crew – there were 76 of us this year, including bakers and those who allowed signs on their lawns. With all the hard work and all the smiling faces, we benefited many in this community and strengthened the Bethany family.  
Plans for next year are uncertain at this time - we really need more help with Price&Sort. If we hold the sale in 2013, the dates would be September 14 and 15, with Price&Sort starting on the 9th.  

Please contact Sarah (223-5307) with any suggestions or concerns.

PINS School Supply Drive a Big Success
Bethany members donated piles of school supplies from notebooks and paper to glue, scissors and rulers to protractors and compasses, crayons, pens and pencils. Other members donated money for us to buy two graphing calculators for high school students taking advanced math. Bethany kids helped to organize the donations and pack them up. I had the fun of delivering many bags of these supplies to the Barre DCF Office. The Social Workers and Foster Parents were excited to receive them. Thank you very much for supporting this partnership with DCF so generously.
Sandy Clougher

The Music Board has made the decision to put our Second Sunday performances on hold until after the first of the year. If you have ideas for performers please email Judy Ribolini at

Due to personal commitments on behalf of Judy Ribolini, Amy Papineau and Kathy Cowens, we are unable to organize the Share Fair this year. We are very interested in hearing your ideas on how we might be able to "beef up" the event next year and you can see any one of us at Church to give us your ideas or email

Bethany Youth Group News!

Friday, October 5 - 6:15 pm -9:30 pm – Travel to the Barre Congregational Church
Together We Can Youth Event with Celia Whitler at the Barre Congregational Church! Check her out at!
Sunday, October 14 - meet at 7:30 am in the Church Kitchen
The first Bethany Cup of the year! Let's make some yummy muffins and have some fun!
Sunday, October 21 - meet at 4 PM for bowling at Twin City Lanes
Bring $10 to cover the cost of shoe rental and two games of bowling! Let's see who has graduated from using the bumpers this year!
Sunday, October 28 - No Youth Group tonight! See you next week!

Improving Communication
If we move from mailing the Dialogue 11 times a year to emailing it we will be able to do a better job of communication. An email can be sent to everyone in a family to what ever address they want. People in high School and college, those who have moved away, and each person in a family would get their own copy. When one copy is sent to a home, one person gets and maybe the the only one who knows where it is. Every individual would know it has arrived and where they can easily and quickly find it to read. Smart phones will make reading the Dialogue a breeze. Including color pictures will be easy. Fast Delivery.
So, starting on January 1, 2013 the Dialogue be sent electronically as Bethany's standard delivery service. People will be able to buy a subscription and have it sent to their home by First Class mail. The Dialogue will also be available at the church (kiosk and office). It would continue to be found on the website.
As of January 1, 2013, weekly emails will be sent on Thursdays that include information on the weekend, worship, and the up coming week. It could include prayer requests and urgent items where response is needed by Sunday. This would be sent to every individual who wanted it.
There are also some saving to be found in better communication. Currently it costs about $65 a month plus labor. To increase communication to 5 times a month with color pictures to every individual it will cost about $15 dollars and a third of the labor.
To receive the electronic communications, please send an email to with “Communicate” in the subject line.
To receive just the Dialogue via US Mail the subscription rate will be $6 a year. Please include that payment with a confirmation with of your address.

Help with Food Prep and Table Setting
Our congregation does a great work every Tuesday. But we need help. We are asking for about 3 or 4 hours of your time (9:00 to 1:00). We need of folks to perform simple tasks as setting the tables, wiping dishes, and setting out bread and any other tasks associated with the meal.  You would NOT be cooking the main entree.  You can choose when would work best for you.  Letting the Mighty Phyllis Rowell know when you can help allows planning. Call at 476-4277. You will be filled with blessings and be one too!
At Stewardship's last "After Worship Lunch and Fun"!

More Fun From the Stewardship Committee

The Stewardship Committee invites you to a Soup Lunch followed by a time of playing Board and/or Card Games.   Bring a favorite game or see what others bring. 
Come and enjoy lunch and fun (and each other) on Oct. 14th from 11:30 - 1:30.

The Portable Church
Philippians 1:8
"All along you have experienced with me the most generous help from God. He knows how much I love and miss you these days. Sometimes I think I feel as strongly about you as Christ does!"

The other day at the gym, I was leaving my yoga class, sweaty and dirty, when I bumped into a new parishioner, also in his gym clothes. The proud father had his brand new tiny baby in a carriage by the snack bar.

Right there I made the sign of the cross on the child's head and blessed him. I asked the dad to email the church with the details so we could be sure to mention the baby in our prayers the next Sunday. It had been a long time since he had had a church and he didn't know you were supposed to do that. He whipped out his iPhone to make a note.
That next Sunday, I was all cleaned up, robed in black and leading worship at church.  And there in the back row, also all cleaned up, was this dad with the whole family. When our associate pastor mentioned the baby's name in the prayers, I couldn't help but open my eyes to look at him. The father's head sprung up at the sound of his child's name in church. He gave a smile of such delight, as his eyes caught mine.  I knew that it had been a long time since he had had a pastor.
A year ago this family had no church. Now they have a place to come and hear their baby's name lifted up in prayer in front of a community that has promised to pray for them all.
The church is so much more than a building. Whether you're in your yoga clothes or in a long black robe, whether you are in the pews or at the gym, once you have a church, it has a way of finding you wherever you are. It's remarkably portable.
And as for the building, it's a place to return to and to sit beside others. It's good to hear your name in a prayer along with other names. Together, we are bigger than ourselves, bigger than the building but smaller than the One who finds us wherever we are.
September 19, 2012 Reflection by Lillian Daniel

Be In Touch
So, you have been a part of Bethany Church for a while. You kinda like it. You feel some responsibility for what it does and how it does it.
So, you have been a part of Bethany Church for a while. You kinda like communion. And you feel like you miss it since you are not able to be in worship Sunday mornings. If you would like to have communion at home, tell a Deacon or call the Church office. It is just that simple.
So you have been a part of Bethany Church for awhile. You kinda like everyone. You kinda like prayers. If you are going into the hospital, call the church and let the ministers know so we can pray and visit. Without you telling us, we will not know. If you would like a visit even though you are not sick or in the hospital, then call the church. It will be so.

Not "how", but "what"
Rom 8:28:  "And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose" (NASU).
Our response to painful situations in life demonstrates the level of trust we have in God.  This is true in our lives and the lives of our kids.  God has told us many times that He allows trials to perfect us and make us more like His Son.  Trials are not to be dodged or avoided as much as they are to be endured for the sake of the lesson.
Asking God the right question in the middle of a trial is an expression of your trust in Him.  The question should not be, "How am I going to get out of this?", but rather, "What am I going to get out of this?"  By changing "how" to "what", you illustrate your dependence on Him to teach you and your willingness to learn.

Jonah, God's Only Successful Prophet!
Sunday School Students! Join us in Sunday School for the next 7 Sundays, starting on Sunday, September 30th as we learn about JONAH! You probably know about Jonah being swallowed by a big fish, but there is a whole lot more to the story! And, as we learn about Jonah, we will be preparing a play that we will present to the congregation on Sunday, November 11th! Just like last year's Moses play, this one will be a lot of fun!
Rev. Mark will be directing the play and he would love it if he gets to see you every Sunday! So come join us!
Hey kids, if you would like to see another version of the story of Jonah, you can borrow the Veggie Tales movie Jonah from the church! Just ask Amy Pitton.

Fall Meeting of the Washington Association
of the Vermont Conference
The Fall meeting of the Washington Association of the Vermont Conference will be held on Sunday, October 28th at 1 pm at the Warren United Church of Christ. The program will be a discussion about how the churches of the Association are using Social Media.
All are welcome to attend.

Join the Youth Group as we begin the 6th year of
Sunday, October 14th – 8:30-9:30 am in the Parlor!
If you have never been, now is a great time to give it a try!
Come for warm, homemade muffins, great coffee, yogurt parfaits,
an oatmeal bar, and artisan bread for toasting.
$5 for full breakfast - $3 for coffee and a muffin

The Confirmation Class will hold its first regular class meeting on Tuesday, October 5th at 5 pm in the Youth Room at the church. The class will be exploring what it means to be a person of faith and a church member over the coming year. Class will be held on Tuesday evenings from 5-6:45 and will include dinner. Any high school student who has not been confirmed is invited to join the class. Contact Amy Pitton if you have any questions.
Dinner and Conversation
Do you want to know what today's teenagers are thinking about some of life's most important questions? Would you also like to provide a simple dinner for the Confirmation Class, and then talk with them around the dinner table? We are looking for church folk to make dinner for the Confirmation Class on Tuesday evenings at 5 pm and then stay and eat with them! The dinner can be as simple as a bowl of spaghetti and bread (maybe a little dessert!), and need not be expensive. You would be cooking for 6-7 persons other than yourself. To sign up, contact Amy Pitton. (If you would like to do this and you think that the cost might be prohibitive, financial help is available - see Amy. If you would like to help provide a meal, financial contributions are also appreciated!)

Memorial Service for Carol Colby
There will be a memorial service at for Carol Colby, on Thursday, October 11 at 2 pm in the sanctuary at Bethany Church. Carol, who passed away on September 12th, was the daughter of Esther Short and sister of Darlene, Rachel and Roger Colby. A ll members and friends of Bethany Church are invited to attend.

News from the Vision Facilitation Committee!
What will we look like in 2020
The Vision Facilitation Committee is continuing to gather information from members and friends of Bethany Church, and plans to begin holding small group discussions in the near future. Watch the bulletin for new Reflection Wall questions and other opportunities to share your hopes and ideas!
The next meeting of the committee will be on Thursday, October 18th at 7 am.

After the two basements floods last summer, the church has received insurance money to repair water damage to the basement walls as well as to address possible mold issues. Jim Conneman has been hard at work completing the repairs, which has included removing the small side hallway, adding that additional space to the Red Door Room. This renovation has transformed this previously awkward Red Door room into a highly useable (and rentable!) room, big enough for large meetings and small presentations! A big thank you goes to Jim for his creative thinking and hard work! Check out the room next time you are in the building!
Name Please
WE NEED NEW NAMES for the formerly color-coded doors of classrooms in the basement! The classrooms in the basement are currently called the Blue Door, Purple Door and Red Door rooms because the doors to these rooms used to be painted those colors - but no longer! Now the names are confusing, and we have an opportunity to name these classrooms something else! We could be boring and simply number them, but there is sure to be something that is more fun! If you have an idea of what we could name these rooms, send your suggestions in to and they will be discussed by the appropriate boards!

Bethany Church signs an agreement
with VTEL Wireless Project
The Property Board has signed an initial agreement to explore the possibility of installing antennas and telecommunications equipment in the steeple of the church. This equipment would provide wireless broadband access to a large number of homes and businesses in the Montpelier area. A final agreement is pending following an engineering study and completion of the permitting process. If the final 30 year lease agreement is signed, the church will receive $700 a month in rent from VTEL, with a 1% increase in rent each year. This is a wonderful step forward in having the building generate enough income to meet the costs of running the building. If the building can become self-supporting, more of our pledge money can go toward doing the ministry that we want to do. Other ways the building provides income is through the rental of rooms to various groups as well as the rental of 8 parking spaces to the City Center. We expect to raise $30,000 in fiscal year 2013 through the various rentals in the building.