Sunday, September 23, 2012

From:  Bethany Church Finance Committee
To:  Bethany Church Congregation
RE:  Proposed FY13 Operating Income and Spending Plans
Date:  September 10, 2012

There will be an information meeting for clarifying questions about the plan on Sunday, 
September 23rd after the worship service.

The purpose of the FY13 operating financial plan is to sustain and strengthen Bethany 
Church’s ability to live out our call to mission and ministry.

To that end the priorities reflected in this proposal are: 1) support of the exceptional people who lead this work on a daily basis and, 2) upkeep of our physical space for gathering, worship and service in our community. We anticipate that FY13 operating revenues and expenses will each total approximately
$296,229. As of August 20, 2012, we have identified sources for 95% ($281,162) of the revenue
needed to support the spending plan.

Income Plan Highlights
Income for this plan comes overwhelmingly from pledges and collections (71%). The vast
majority of pledging units, 60 of the 67 from whom we have word so far, indicated their strong
support of Bethany’s mission by maintaining or increasing pledge amounts compared to last
year.  A few units decreased and some have yet to let us know. The planned pledge income of
$163,000 is a conservative estimate based on actual and outstanding pledges. Special gifts are
promised at FY12 levels. Loose collection has been increasing in past years and we anticipate
that trend will continue.
Rentals account for 10% of income, an increase from FY12 due to a new contract with VTEL
and anticipated use of the renovated basement space. Endowments and investments account for
7%; special fundraisers, Bethany Center for the Arts, and designated funds combined are 5.1%.
The Trustees voted to
carry forward the
FY12 excess funds of
approximately $5,600.
This represents 1.9%
of FY13 revenue.  
Sources for the
remaining 5% of
revenue are yet to be
determined. If you are
able to increase your
pledge, please contact
Judy Ribolini
(Treasurer) or Joanne
Hardy (Asst.

To see how the spending plan supports the mission and ministry of Bethany church, click HERE.

Spending Plan Highlights
Planned amounts for expense line items are based on requests from boards, committees, and staff
members who oversee those expenses.  Requests were funded as fully as possible. Due to the
priorities mentioned above, we chose to level fund boards and committees. In cases where it is
possible to draw on designated funds, such as for capital improvements, we included only partial
spending requests.
The proposed salaries, wages and benefits come from the Trustees’ recommendations of July 30,
2012, which return both pastors to full salary, increase all salaries by 1.2% (COLA), and add
insurance benefits for our Office Coordinator /Sexton.
A significant change in the organization of this budget compared to FY12 is the addition of an
expense line (5639) for the outside bookkeeper.  In previous years this expense was recorded as
part of staff compensation. The actual cost of the outside bookkeeper is similar to that of the
Treasurer when it was a paid staff position. (Note as well a second change in the chart of
accounts; revenue from Bethany Center for they Arts is now considered unrestricted operating
revenue (line 4248)).

To see what our spending and receiving plan would look like if we had a comprehensive budget, click HERE.

In Conclusion
We are deeply grateful to all the boards and committees that provided the information necessary
for us to build this proposed plan.  We also extend out thanks to Joanne Hardy, Mark Redmond,
Don Welch, Judy Ribolini, Sarah Williams and Rev. Amy Pitton for their ongoing support and
encouragement of our small committee this past year.
As the congregation embarks on a visioning process, we believe this plan not only reflects our
current sense of Bethany’s mission; it also supports transition to new ways of living as a
Christian community. We look forward to presenting this proposal to the congregation at our
financial meeting on September 30, 2012. Feel free to contact any of us if you have questions.
The Finance Committee: Sandra Farnum (223-7483), John Maddox (262-1019) and Stephanie
Ratmeyer (223-4830)