Monday, August 20, 2012

This Week

This Week At Bethany Church - August 19-26

9:30 am Hospitality Fellowship Hall 
10:00 am Worship Service Fellowship Hall

11:45 am Bethany Bowl Fellowship Hall

 8:00 am Rev. Mark @Bagito's
9:00 am Property Board Parlor

7:00 am Prayer Group Parlor
9:00 Dialogue Articles are Due
4:00 pm Rev. Mark @Three Penny Taproom

9:30 am Hospitality Fellowship Hall
10:00 am Worship Fellowship Hall
   Collect Food for Pantry and the Dinner at Good Samaritan Haven
4:00 pm Beth Jacobs Dinner Fellowship Hall 


Dialogue Articles are DUE this Thursday!
If you would like to have your announcement printed in next week's bulletin, please have it into the office by 9:00 am Thursday morning.

Announcements- posted on Mondays at 9:00am.

Our church is doing good work- The lives and destinies of many people are being helped. Thank you for the generosity of your giving.

Montpelier Food Pantry - For the month of August we have been asked to focus on collecting Canned Meat. Tuna, chicken, corned beef, ham, even spam. Any and all food will be blessed on August 26 and sent to the Pantry.

Food Pantry-"As we see less and less available from our traditional food sources at the Pantry, we are comforted by the efforts of the Congregants at Bethany Church for their "special item" donations each month.  Knowing that your happy volunteers will be arriving once a month with bags and boxes filled to the brim is truly priceless. Thank you all for the tremendous work you do and for your unwavering support. Many thanks, Kimberley Lashua."
During the summer months- the Bethany Choir meets by the piano at 9:15 AM each Sunday.  All are welcome to join us as we prepare an anthem for the 10 AM service.
Has your Summer Cleaning uncovered donations to the Lawn Sale? Are you wanting a place for them to stay until the lawn sale   We have a Storage Unit available!  Please contact Joanne Hardy at #223-3246 or

Sermons and Worship- If you would like to talk to Rev. Mark about sermons or worship (really anything) but do not want to make a big deal about it, then here are three options.  Wednesday the 22th at 8:00 am he will have breakfast at Bagito's on Main Street and be there for an hour. Thursday at 4:00 pm he will be at Three Penny Taproom working on next Sunday's worship (scripture is Rev. 21:1-5a.) for at least an hour.  Or pick a time and a place and let him know. You can reflect on what was done or what will be done. Or something else.

BETHANY BOWL- AUGUST 14, 2012  FED 91  HEAD COOK: Phyllis Rowell   DISHWASHERS: Gary Rogers and Conrad Rowell  HELPERS:  Darlene Colby, Chris Terry, Anne DeVaughn, and  Pete Gomez. The menu included two soups, two sandwich choices, three bean salad, sauteed vegetables, potato chips, watermelon, wonderful blackberries from Iris Gardner, assorted desserts and beverages. We welcome items from your overloaded gardens especially cucumbers, tomatoes, yellow squash or zucchini.

We Need Your Help!  The Bethany Bowl is again looking for a cook OR cooks on its second Tuesday of the month. We can be very flexible here.  If you just might like to cook once, that's good, or a couple of times, that's good, too. If someone would care to take on the second Tuesday as a regular mission, that's even more awesome. If interested, you can make the choice. See or call Phyllis Rowell at 476-4277.

The Prayer Shawl Group- will be meeting this Tuesday at 6:30 pm at the home of Liz Sykas-Ringgenberg. We've been enjoying making our shawls together and hanging out. Come join us; patterns for both knit and  crochet can be found in the church office. 498-7328 for more info.

School supply drive to support PINS – This year the Barre DCF Office is requesting all kinds of school supplies for students from kindergarten through high school. A poster listing needed items is outside the church office. This replaces our usual collection of filled back packs. The Outreach Board requests help from Bethany members to fulfill this request. Please bring donations next Sunday, August 26.
The 18th Annual Lawn and Bake Sale- will be held on September 15 and 16, 2012. This is a fun and rewarding event to support our many ministries and connect with the local community.  Thank you to all who have already signed up to help.  More helpers will be needed Sept. 10-17 - - As usual, we need folks to SORT & PRICE mornings, afternoons, or evenings, SET UP THE TENT Friday noon 9/14, SETTING UP SATURDAY MORNING, work as CASHIER downstairs on both days, CLEAN UP Saturday at 4, Sunday at 3, and Monday at 9.  Sign-up sheets are on the bulletin board in the hall with many types of positions available. Yes, we will need good bags - but we already have plenty of hangers. DONATIONS of clean items in good working order are welcome 9/11 - 9/13 8am - 8pm, also Monday 9/10 1 - 8pm.  We cannot take donations on Friday 9/14. Flyers with all the details are available in the Narthex. This is a perfect way to give back to Bethany and get to know each other better - It's fun and uplifting - and only four weeks away - - JOIN US!