Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Missionaries Sent

In this picture you see John and Cindy Senning, James Merriam, Rev. Amy Pitton, Carrie Youngblood, [Rev. Mark leading the commissioning], Liz Sykas-Ringgenberg, Patrick Fraser, and the mighty Theresa Lever. Not in this picture, but who are going are Amy Papineau and Kristen Fowler. These are the people who are leaving today to go El Salvador.  There they will learn about El Salvador, how faith helped many survive the civil war, how that same faith became a threat to the government.  They will also go to San Antonio Grande. For 20 years we have enjoyed relating to them as a Sister Parish. We go to be in solidarity, to let them know they are not alone, and to let their spirits touch our spirits. There will also be some dancing.

It is very cool to again have people from others congregations  on this trip. John and Cindy Senning are from the Waterbury UCC Church and Kristen Fowler is from the Barre UCC Church.

Keep them in your prayers. And look forward to a time to hear about their trip, their growth, and their faith.

Check back here for updates about what they are doing and how they are doing.