Tuesday, June 26, 2012

This Week

This Week At Bethany Church - June 24-July 1

 10:00 am Worship Service Sanctuary
10:15 am Kids Activity-Mandalas with Patty Turley Chapel 
 11:00 am Hospitality Parlor
11:45 Blessing for Good Samaritan Dinner Parlor
4:30 pm Beth Jacobs Fellowship Hall

 Office Closed this week (except for Thursday)

11:45 am Bethany Bowl Fellowship Hall
5:30 pm August Worship Committee Fellowship (cancelled - call Mark and Amy)

7:00 pm Trustees Parlor

7:00 am Vision Facilitation Group Parlor

10:00 am Worship Service Sanctuary
11:00 am Hospitality Parlor


If you would like to have your announcement printed in next week's bulletin, please have it into the office by 9:00 am Thursday morning.
Announcements- posted on Mondays at 9:00am. www.bethanychurchvt.org

Has your Spring Cleaning uncovered donations to the Lawn Sale?  Are you wanting a place for them to stay for the summer?   We have a Storage Unit available!  Please contact Joanne Hardy at #223-3246 or joannehardy789@msn.com.

The 18th Annual Lawn and Bake Sale- will be held on September 15 and 16. This is a fun and rewarding event to support our many programs and connect with the local community. Many helpers will be needed Sept. 10-17 - - We are hoping to break in a new CREW LEADER for the CONCESSION.  Lots of good positions are still available.  Sign-up sheets are on the bulletin board in the hall. Flyers with all the details are available in the Narthex. This is a perfect way to give back to Bethany and get to know each other better - - JOIN US!!
During the summer months- the Bethany Choir meets by the piano at 9:15 AM each Sunday.  All are welcome to join us as we prepare an anthem for the 10 AM service.
Melitta Maddox and Esther Farnsworth are forming a committee who will send cards and/or visit sick or home bound people and people who have lost a loved one.We would welcome people who would like to be part of the committee. Please call Melitta or Esther if you know of someone who would welcome a visit or a card. Also, if you are going into the hospital or having outpatient treatment we would like to send you cheer and thoughtful prayers. Melitta – 262-1019; Esther – 226-6006.
2011-2012 Pledges - It would be appreciated if your 2011-2012 pledges could be completed before the year end of June 30th.
2012-2013 Pledges - There are still several individuals who have not turned in their pledge information for the coming year. If you have not done so and need a form, you may obtain one in the Church office.

Bethany's Last Member Directory- was published in the summer of 2005.  It's time for a rewrite.  Are you interested in being a part of this project?  If so see or call Phyllis Rowell at 476-4277. We welcome ideas.

The Church Main Office will be closed June 25-27 & June 29, 2012, as Mark LeGrand will be on vacation.  The ministers will both be in their offices throughout the week - if you need to reach them by phone, dial their extension numbers (Amy - 223, Mark - 226)  when you hear the main message on the answering machine.   Phone messages will be checked daily.  You can also reach the ministers via email (revamyp@comcast.net, revmarkp@comcast.net) or by calling them at home (223-5233).

Bethany Bowl- June 19, 2012  Fed 115  Head Cook: Joan Barrett, Dishwashers: Gary Rogers, Tom Lever, & Dan Williams  Helpers: Darlene Colby, Katrina Pelkey, Anita Rogers, Phyllis Rowell, Mara Songhurst, Vera Winter, Pete Gomez, Chris Terry and her grand daughter, Jayme, and Anne DeVaughn.   Joan made a bubbly, cheesy baked ziti, green salad, egg salad sandwiches, assorted desserts and beverages.

Ministerial Coverage - Sometimes in the summer Revs. Mark and Amy might flex their time a bit and be on a picnic at just the moment you need them.  If you can not reach them, leave a message with the Office Manager.  If it should not wait until office hours, call the Church President or the Chair of Deacons.  They will know how to find them or who to call.  Worship in August - Again this year we will have Sunday morning worship in a conversational style that works in Fellowship Hall. The air will be cooler as we discuss the scripture, focus our prayers, and see the faces of those we worship with.  If you would like to help the ministers plan this time of worship, they will meet this [Tuesday the 26th.  We will meet in the Fellowship Hall at 5:30. CANCELLED, call Mark and Amy]  We will meet again again on July 24 (time TBA).What would Bethany be without Hospitality? If people do not sign up for summer hospitality, we will find out.  Sign up sheet is on the Kiosk in the Narthex.