Friday, June 1, 2012

This Sunday

Worship at 10:00
Scripture is Psalm 22:1-15 and Isaiah 55:12-13
Sermon is Rebirth
Preacher is WILL ADAMS!!!
[By Very Special arrangements we have sent our ministers off for the entire weekend to the Vermont Conference Annual Meeting.  This allows Will Adams and Mark Redmond to lead our worship.  They will be using themes and resources from the Vt. Conf. Annual Meeting.]

Music includes Bach, and some of Handel's Water Music.  Plus, Will selected all the hymns.

Also, please join the Vermont Conference for the Final Worship Service.  Worship will be at 2:00ish at the Vermont Technical College in Judd Hall.
Conference music will be provided by the Oîkos Ensemble, a world music/jazz ensemble, which came together in the autumn of 2003 to lead a jazz vespers service at the United Church of Christ national setting in Cleveland, Ohio.
Rev. Clifford Aerie is the founding director of Oîkos. Oîkos is the Greek New testament word translated as dwelling place, house, abode. “I chose the name for the band because at its root, oîkos connotes the concepts of economy, ecology and ecumenism,” explains Rev. Aerie.