Tuesday, May 8, 2012

This Week

This Week At Bethany Church -May 6-13

 10:00 am Worship Sanctuary
11:30 am Hospitality Parlor
7:00 pm Youth Group Youth Room
 6:00 pm Spanish Class Blue Door Room
 11:30 am Bethany Bowl Fellowship Hall
6:30 pm Habitat For Humanity Parlor
 6:30 pm Deacons Parlor
 7:00 am Prayer Group Parlor
11:00 am Worship Service Gary Home
11:30 am Brown Bag Parlor
1:00 pm Worship Service Heaton Woods
6:15 pm Bell Choir Choir Loft
7:00 pm Choir Choir Loft
7:00 pm Property Board Parlor
Clean Up Day Entire Church
8:30 am Bethany Cup for Mothers Day Parlor 
9:30 am Second Sunday Concert Chapel 10:00 am Worship Service Sanctuary
11:00 am Hospitality Parlor
7:00 pm Youth Group Youth Room

If you would like to have your announcement printed in next week's bulletin, please have it into the office by 9:00 am Thursday morning.

Announcements- posted on Mondays at 9:00am. www.bethanychurchvt.org

We are collecting Food- for the Montpelier Food Pantry on the last Sunday of the month. Each month the Outreach Board focuses on collecting one type of food (as per request of the pantry). For May they are asking for canned vegetables.

Bethany Cup for Mothers Day-Bethany Cup is one week early for Mothers Day: Bring your Mom! All Moms eat for FREE! Freshly baked muffins, yogurt parfaits, oatmeal, toast and great coffee! $5. for breakfast, $3. for coffee and a muffin.

Memorial Service for Eleanor Van Vechten-set for Saturday May 12, 2012 at 2pm at The Gary Home in Montpelier. Eleanor was a member of Christ Church and attended the Brown Bag reading group at Bethany Church as well as being involved with many other groups and gatherings in Montpelier before she moved to Oregon to be closer to her son. Eleanor was born on February 28 1910 in Battlecreek Michigan and grew up in Japan. She was the daughter of missionaries. On November 5, 2011, Eleanor passed away in her sleep at her home in Grants Pass, Oregon. She loved Vermont and her dear friends here and often spoke of how much she missed all of her connections here after she moved.

Basic Spanish Class- Monday's at 6:00 pm. and will go through mid May. $5.00 per class and you can pay as you go. For more information please email Betsy Parah at bafmcgee@aol.com

Share your love! -Prayer Shawls can be what one author calls "a tangible evidence of prayer." The shawls get shared with people who seem like they need them; be it someone moving, or experiencing health problems, or mourning a loved one, or having any other difficult or transitional time in life. Creating prayer shawls is an effective, simple way to share our love and prayers, so we are re-starting a Prayer Shawl Ministry and are seeking knitters, crocheters and anyone else who is interested. We'll have our kickstarter meeting after church on Sunday, May 6 at 11:30 am in the youth room, where there will be shawl patterns, and prayers and we'll discuss how this ministry works. I hope to set up some times for making our shawls together if the spirit leads us in that direction! If you have any questions, talk to Cassandra Brush, or call or email: 498-7328 or cassandrabrush@gmail.com

Wanted - Another traveler to El Salvador!  We want to travel as a group of 10 and there are now 8 of us:  Kristin Fowler (from Barre Congregational), Patrick Fraser, Theresa Lever, Jamie Merriam, Amy Papineau, Amy Pitton, Liz Sykas-Ringgenberg and Carrie Youngblood.  Our travel dates are Thursday, August 2 to Thursday, August 9.  The total cost is $1,700 - and this is ALL INCLUSIVE.  Now that you know who we are and when we're going, maybe you'll decide that this IS the trip for you after all!  Let your interest be known to anyone on this list and we'll be happy to answer all your questions!

How can you help Bethany Church?  By letting the Nominating Committee know that you could be on a board or committee.  See Jane Staudt, Phyllis Rowell, or Joanne Blakeman for information on 2012-2013 vacancies to be filled at Annual Meeting.

Bethany Clean Up Day will be Saturday May 12 from 9-noon.  The clean up will be held rain or shine.  Please come and help make Bethany look wonderful both inside and outside.

Iris Gardner- has asked for two things: help getting to Doctor appointments and some lunches at her old house while they go through the wreckage. Would you be willing to be in a pool of people willing to drive if you are available?  Would you be willing to make lunch for 3-5 people?  Is this the only person you would be willing to do this for?