Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mission Challenge

Emergency Clean Up Kit Challenge!

Did you know…that when tropical storm Irene blew through Vermont, Church World Service was there within hours providing emergency cleanup and hygiene kits to local families impacted by the storm? In an effort to help replenish the kits that were used, the Outreach Board has created a squeaky clean challenge for Bethany Church members to work together and help out.
On Sunday, January 15th, which is Martin Luther King Jr. day, ten buckets will be available along with a list of items to place inside, such as Lysol, dish soap, sponges and scrub brushes. The Outreach board encourages several families or individuals to team up and work together to fill one bucket in the true spirit of MLK and also because the emergency clean up list is quite extensive and perhaps too expensive for one family or individual to fill alone. Buckets and their contents will be returned on Sunday February 12th just before Valentine’s Day – a true gift of love and justice from our congregation to others in need.