Sunday, December 25, 2011

This Week

Dialogue Deadline - Dec 28

This Week At Bethany Church -Dec 25-Jan 1

Today: 10:00
am Christmas Day Worship Sanctuary

11:00 am Hospitality Parlor
11:30 Good Samaritan Food Blessing Parlor
7:00 pm Good Samaritan Dinner Good Samaritan Haven


11:30 am Bethany Bowl Fellowship Hall

2:00 pm Betty Reed Funeral Sanctuary

7:00 am Prayer Group Parlor

11:30 Brown Bag Parlor
6:15 pm Bell Choir Choir Loft
7:00 pm Choir Choir Loft

9:00 am Choir Rehearsal Choir Loft

10:00 am New Years Day Worship Sanctuary
11:00 am Hospitality Parlor

If you would like to have your announcement printed in next week's bulletin, please have it into the office by 9:00 am Thursday morning.

Dialogue Deadline Dec 28

We are collecting Food- for the Montpelier Food Pantry on the last Sunday of the month. Each month the Outreach Board focuses on collecting one type of food (as per request of the pantry). For the month of January our focus food will be Tomatoes in all their glorious forms.

Announcements- posted on the website Mondays at 9:00am.

The Property Board- is looking for one or more interested folks to act as a facility liaison during the First Night event. This would mean being available (in person or perhaps "on call") to either address issues directly or contact the folks who can address the issues. If we have more than one person volunteer, the "on call" duties may be shared.If you are interested in this, please contact the church office or a Property Board member (Eric Benedict, David Fiske or Gary Rogers).

The Bethany Center for the Arts presents- AMAHL AND THE NIGHT VISITORS by Gian Carlo Menotti. Preceded with a concert of music by Arthur B. Zorn, organist and choral selections presented by the Bethany Church Choir. Friday January 6, 8:00 PM and Sunday January 8, 3:00 PM. Bethany Church, 115 Main St Montpelier VT. $10 adult donation, $25 family of 3 or more, (also sliding scale) Presenting, Justin Murray as Amahl, and featuring Lisa Jablow, as his mother, King Melchior, Skip Potter, King Caspar, Piero Bonamico, King Balthazar, Stuart Williams, Amy Papineau as the Page. The Bethany Church Choir, Shepherd's, and the Bethany Youth Dancers. Diane Huling, piano, Denise Ricker, flute and Doug Little, percussion Directed by Arthur B. Zorn information at or (802)223-2424 ext 224.

Bethany Bowl- December 20, 2011, FED 130 HEAD COOK: Joan Barrett and Bob Barrett was the master ham slicer Dishwasher: Tom Lever and Dan Williams Volunteers: Darlene Colby, Chris Terry, Anne DeVaughn, Cleo Facos, Pete Gomez, Anita Rogers, Phyllis Rowell and Chloe from MHS. Joan cooked a great meal of sliced ham with pineapple, her variation of the holiday green bean casserole, cole slaw, cranberry sauce, egg salad, and assorted desserts....some from a class at Union School and others from anonymous givers...wonderful!