Friday, November 4, 2011

This Sunday

Worship is at 10:00
Sermon Title is "O Wow! O Wow! O Wow!"
Communion for all
Discovery of how much food we collected for MISSION 1
Blessing the food.
Excellent Choir selections.

Sunday School will work on their Moses Play.
Youth Group at 7:00 in Youth Room!

Hospitality after worship will also be a time to speak out for hunger.

Click here about Mission 1

MISSION: 1 - is a denomination-wide effort between November 1 (11-1-11) and November 11 (11-11-11) of this year to:

  • In 11 days, the United Church of Christ will collect more than 1 MILLION ITEMS OF HEALTHY FOOD

  • In 11 days, the United Church of Christ gather online contributions of more than $111,111 for Neighbors in Need food-related ministries,

  • In 11 days Your denomination wants to raise $111,111 for East Africa famine-related ministries.

  • In 11 days, the United Church of Christ will offer more than 11,111 LETTERS to Congress asking our government to reform U.S. foreign assistance in a way that more effectively benefits hungry and poor people worldwide.

A Message from the Mission Department:

Mission: 1 Letter Writing - Update - We hope your congregation will engage in all three aspects of Mission: 1, including writing letters to Congress in support of programs that reduce hunger and poverty. We plan to have a delegation consisting of the Conference Minister and representatives of the Mission Department hand-deliver the letters to the Vermont offices of Senators Leahy and Sanders and Congressman Welch. So, no need to send the letters. Date the letters between November 1 and 11. The important thing is to get the letters written and to their destination!