Monday, July 25, 2011

This Week

This Week At Bethany Church July 24- July 31

10:00 am Sunday Worship Sanctuary

11:00 am Hospitality Parlor
11:30 Blessing of The Good Samaritan Dinner Parlor

Tuesday: 11:30 am
Bethany Bowl Fellowship Hall

Thursday: 7:00 am
Prayer Group Parlor

10:00 am Sunday Worship Sanctuary

11:00 am Hospitality Parlor
4:30 pm Beth Jacobs Dinner Fellowship Hall


Announcements-If you would like to have your announcement printed in the bulletin, please have it into the office by 9:00 am Thursday morning.

Announcements- posted on the website Mondays at 9:00am.

Food for the Montpelier Food Pantry Each month the Outreach Board focuses on collecting one type of food (as per request of the pantry). People may give any type of food, it too will be collected and blessed and sent. For the month of July our focus food is jelly.

The Rev. Dr. Stuart Brush is leading worship today. Rev. Brush served northern Vermont parishes beginning in l955 in E. Berkshire, was College Chaplain at Champlain College, and lastly ministered at So. Church in St. Johnsbury in the l970s. For the last 13 years he has been Chaplain for 825 mentally retarded adults and elderly on a campus in Connecticut.

August worship: Come and explore HOSPITALITY as part of the Christian faith. For the month of August, Bethany Church is worshiping in a style some will remember from other services in places like the chapel, retreats and summer camp. We will be able to see each others' faces, hear what they say, and break bread together. Come at 9:30 for hospitality. The worship service will focus on prayers and scripture as a living word. We will have communion each time. And some good music.

Deacons- Will resume meeting on Wednesday August 10th at 7 pm.

If you can not reach a minister- during a pastoral emergency, please be in touch with the Church Office, Church President, or the Chair of Deacons. They will have contact information for a minister.

Lock Change- We have changed the codes to the electronic locks on some church doors. If you are a person who has need of a lock code to the main office door, the kitchen door, the sexton's office or the sacristry, you will need a new code as of the week of July 24th. The office will automatically send new codes to folks who use the spaces the most, but not all code holders are known by the office staff. If you do not receive a new code to the door you use, you can get it by calling the church office during regular business hours (9 - noon, M-F).

Needed: We are still in need of a head cook- or cooks (if a couple of folks wish to alternate) for the second Tuesday at the Bethany Bowl. The head cook prepares the menu, buys the food ( with reimbursement), and manages the main entree on the second Tuesday while the other volunteers complete other needs. For more details call (476-4277) e-mail ( ) or see Phyllis Rowell. Thanks