Saturday, July 9, 2011

Money and Ministry

Stewardship is more than....

I wrote my Article for this Dialogue last night and instead of hitting the button that saved it, I deleted the whole thing! I thought, “OK, God. I guess that wasn't what you wanted me to say. I'm tired. I'm going to bed and I will trust that you are going to have something for me in the morning”.

So I had a dream ----I was on a beach and a Tsunami came. I had time to let people know that it was coming. No one panicked, they just turned away from the beach and started to walk/run to higher ground. I appreciated the fact that the wall of water that was about 30 ft high seemed to be moving at the same pace as we were. No matter what how quickly we were walking or running to safety, the water was keeping pace – being very gentle and not trying to scare us? Even though being following by a 30 ft wall of water was a little disconcerting.

So, this morning I asked God, “What is the message? Instead of taking the human view of a tsunami and its destruction, I always keep in the back of my mind the fact that God looks at things a little differently. What if that “water” represents a cleansing, a washing away, an opportunity to “float” and to be carried to what we are becoming. What if that water is an Abundance that we can't even realize so God is not going to hit us over the head with it, God will just show it to us and wait for us to get ready.

I heard a lot about the Emergent Church at Annual Meeting. Churches are going through a great time of change. If I use my dream as an analogy, we can either run in panic and look back at the “water” coming at us with fear and suspicion thinking it will “drown” us or.......we can move at our own pace – all of us together – and see that wall of water as God's Abundant, Unconditional Love that is always with us and all we need to do to be able to “Receive” more of it is to learn to swim (or buy a boat!).

I hope this is what God wanted me to say and that I will be able to save it.......
Love and Blessings
Joanne Hardy