Thursday, July 14, 2011

Moment for Mission this Sunday!

Giving and Receiving

Reach Care Bank is a program of the City of Montpelier with funding from the US Administration on Aging. The Care Bank is a network of over 100 individuals and organizations that provide care and support for each other. For each hour of service you perform helping someone in the network, you get an hour to spend on anything that is offered by the members. Reach Care Bank matches up volunteers who offer a wide variety of services including transportation, preventive health & wellness services, companionship, meals, and help at home. Reach is open to everyone, and it has a special focus on our most vulnerable populations, including elders. The Care Bank strives to help our senior population stay living in their homes and active in our community. You can join for yourself or on behalf of someone else in your family who needs care. Groups and organizations may also join so they may have access to volunteers. For more about Reach, visit reachvt, or call 802-2262-6043.

Rachell Rice the Director of Development, and Training will be in worship for a Moment for Mission on July 17.