Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Vermont Conference

Bigger Than a Church

Your ministers and several delegates from Bethany Church will away on June 3-5. Every year the Vermont Conference of the United Church has an Annual Meeting, much like Bethany Church. The difference is that at this one we celebrate that we are a part of something so large we need3 days and 2 nights to worship, plan, celebrate, learn what all the Vt. Conference and the United Church of Christ are doing to honor God and care for creation. There are nominations, budgets, resolutions, and workshops (Mark is doing one on Open and Affirming). There is the Peacemakers Breakfast to hear about what is being done around Vermont and beyond (Theresa Lever organizes this). There are youth Delegates (Nina Merriam is ours) and special youth programming (Amy is doing this). There are business meetings (that are so special they are called Plenary Sessions!) and votes (our delegates Joanne Hardy, Liz Sykas-Ringgnenberg, Gilman Wright will do this). But send up prayers of support and care for Carrie Youngblood, she is the Vermont Conference President and must run the meetings (Plenary Sessions). Can you imagine running a meeting that is about half ministers?

We will have reports back from those who went.