Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mission Work

Come, join team: Ecumenicals

Walk-a-thon for the Homeless

Saturday ~ July 9, 2011

10:30 - 1:00

Barre Town Elementary School

Let Liz Sykas-Ringgnenberg, know if you would like to be part of the team!

Can't walk that day? Ecumenicals

will be looking for donations!


We have received a request from Cindy Gardner Morris to help provide transportation for her mother, Iris Gardner. Iris would like to attend Sunday worship if someone can provide the transportation. Also her husband, Ken, is now at Woodridge. She likes to visit him twice a day if possible and could use help with transportation there. Cindy is not always available to help with this need. CAN YOU? Cindy's number is 802-656-4244. Iris Gardner's number is 485-8880.

Did you know there is a Families Anonymous meeting at Bethany Church every Monday night at 7 pm?

What is Families Anonymous?

A 12 Step Support Group
A chance for recovery
from the effects of a loved one's addictions .
NO Fees
NO Community Funding
NO Government Grants
NO last names used
NO forms to fill out
NO formal sign-up
It's new friends who help. They can help your situation just as others have helped theirs.
It's friends who won't be shocked at your problems... friends who want to help you start feeling good about yourself again.
In short, Families Anonymous are people like you --- helping people like you. Please stop by... we'd be happy to meet you.
There is HELP for you if you want it! Who may attend?

"Anyone whose life has been adversely affected by another person's use of drugs, alcohol, or related behavioral problems is welcome. One need only locate a meeting and attend."

Making it REAL

Jesus told his followers to “prepare a feast” for those in need of food and the Bethany Church Congregation certainly heeds those directions. All of the dinners prepared for The Good Samaritan Haven have truly been bountiful feasts (especially the one for Easter Sunday). Unlike last year, we will be continuing this ministry throughout the summer months and it would be lovely to have many more feasts to share with the guests at the shelter. Your help is needed to make this a reality! Our summer Sundays are June 26th, July 24th and August 28th. The sign-up sheet will be in the Parlor following worship on Sunday mornings and can be found on the Outreach Bulletin Board, in the hallway, during the week. We can show that, not just on Easter but on any day of the year, Bethany is truly an “Easter Church” bringing the Gospel to life in very real ways.


Thank you to Sonja Grahn and her mother, Marlene Macallister for your many years of great meals and loving care.
We will miss you.

Sonja Grahn, who has been the head cook at the Bethany Bowl on the second Tuesday of the month, is going into business with her sister. We need someone or more than one someone to fill her spot. The head cook creates the menu using many of our donated resources, buys the ingredients, submits the slips for reimbursement, and is in charge of the main dish for that meal. The other volunteers deal with other parts of the menu such as making sandwiches, salad, setting out desserts, beverages,etc. We can be very accommodating and creative in filling this need. Perhaps two people might alternate the months or cook the meal the day before and have it ready for the volunteers to distribute.

For information see/call (476-4277) or e-mail ( Phyllis Rowell before August 9.

We sometimes think that natural disasters that need emergency relief only happen in foreign countries. It is not true. And the United Church of Christ has been around this country with prayer and material aid.

But if you want to know what 'we' have done and are doing, there are two quick places to find the information. The first is our Denomination's website at There you can read the UCC's President's (Geoffrey Black) Pastoral Letter and call to help those in Joplin and other storm damaged areas of the United States.

The second is the Church World Service website CWS is an interdenominational group that works on disaster relief, development, and refuge issues for the UCC. Because of their expertise and our support of the One Great Hour of sharing, Bethany Church is often helping before we have all heard about the need. The average response time is 2.5 days.

And speaking of Spring Storms, Bethany did not suffer in the latest flooding of Montpelier. BUT thanks go out to Gary Rodgers, Mark LaGrand, and Amy Pitton for checking on the church in the early morning. Thanks to Judy for showing up to move stuff and Will for texting his willingness to do the same. Thanks for all who had prayers for safety. And prayers for all of you who DID suffer water damage or were evacuated from Montpelier. ALWAYS let the church know when life takes these turns for you.