Thursday, June 16, 2011

Help needed and fun happening!

We are Celebrating 20 years with San Anontio Grande!
But a little help is needed to make a mural

colorful paint is needed!!!
Paint and Party!
We are putting a BIG Salvadoian style mural on our back wall! Foundation coat is being painted RIGHT NOW! Come one and come all and leave your mark on a 200 year old church and a 20 year old relationship!
Kate Papineau and friends arrive from New York City next week to paint a Salvadoran-style mural on the cinder-block back wall of the church. We want you at Bethany Church to join in the painting, adding your mark—large or small, as an individual or a family—to the colorful mural.
Painting will take place on Friday and Saturday, and Sunday after church we’ll dedicate the mural and have a fiesta in the parking lot with food, music and piƱata.

How can you be involved?

* Donate colorful paint you have left over from house projects
* Donate inexpensive brushes
* Come on Friday or Saturday to paint – this will be lots of fun!
* Help set up, serve or clean up the fiesta
* Contribute food (menu is tostadas with all the fillings, fresh fruit drink, cake and ice cream)
* Most importantly, join the party!

Theresa Lever is leading this, so be in touch if you can help in any way!