Wednesday, April 27, 2011

This Week

This Week At Bethany Church – April 24- May 1

10:00 am Easter Sunday Worship Sanctuary

11:00 am Hospitality Parlor
11:30 am Bless Dinner sent to Good Samaritan Dinner Parlor

9:00 am Dialogue Articles due (yes, really!)

12:00 noon - 8:00 pm Collection of Auction Items Fellowship Hall

9:00 am - 8:00 pm Collection of Auction Items Purple Door Room

11:30 am Bethany Bowl Fellowship Hall
5:00 pm Choir Coaching Choir Loft
7:00 pm Board of Christian Education Nursery

Wednesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm Collection of Auction Items Fellowship Hall
6:30 pm Spanish Class Purple Door Room
7:00 pm Trustees Parlor

7:00 am Prayer Group Parlor

9:00 am - 8:00 pm Collection of Auction Items Fellowship Hall
11:45 am Brown Bag Parlor

8:30 am Bethany Church Auction viewing Fellowship Hall

10 am Auction begins!

10:00 am Sunday Worship Sanctuary

11:00 am Hospitality Parlor


Bethany's Spring Auction is on Saturday!
and here's what you can do to help!
- Please sign up to work on the auction! Sign up sheets are on the bulletin board
outside the chapel! We are counting on you!
- Put up posters at work, in your car and around town! Posters Available Today!
- Find things to donate! What do you have stored in your attic or basement that you
aren't going to use, and face it, aren't ever going to get around to putting on E-Bay?
We are looking for antiques, furniture in good condition, collectibles, crystal, china,
tools, artwork and other unique items!
-Consider donating something you have made! Paintings, wooden stools and
shelves, birdhouses, signs, etc - let your light shine and support the church!
- Come to the Auction! Enjoy the fellowship and the fun, and support the church!

Do you want to donate something to the auction, but can't find anything around the house? Perhaps you'd like to make a pie! Our auctioneer told us he would auction just about anything - baked goods, services, the sky is the limit! So think outside the box - we are pretty sure you can find something to donate!

Help the Food Pantry: Each year, postal patrons leave food donations in their mailboxes which carriers collect and bring to local food shelves around the country. This is an especially important project for the Montpelier Food Pantry as it supplies much-needed food items during a slow time of year. We are looking for 18 volunteers who are available on Saturday, May 14th, 3:00-5:30 pm, at the Food Pantry, 137 Main Street, Montpelier. Volunteers will accept & separate donations. This is a perfect activity for both families and individuals. Please call Kimberley at 595-9145 or if you can help. Don't forget to donate tuna during May!!!

Bethany Book Group - April's read is What Strength Remains by Tracey Kidder which will be discussed next Sunday, May 1st.

Food for the Montpelier Food Pantry Each month the Outreach Board focuses on collecting one type of food (as per request of the pantry). People may give any type of food, it too will be collected and blessed and sent. For the month of May our focus food is tuna fish.

Bethany Bowl- April 19, 2011, Fed 112, Head Cook: Joan Barrett with official taster Katrina Pelkey Dishwashers: Gary Rogers and Conrad Rowell. Volunteers: Darlene Colby, Anita Rogers, Phyllis Rowell, Chris Terry, Pete Gomez and welcome back, Anne DeVaughn! Joan cooked an incredible meal of baked ham, mashed potatoes, green beans, coleslaw and cranberry sauce.

Sermon Series - We are in the midst of a sermon series that goes through Lent and extends into the the first 2 Sundays of Easter. The series reflects a reformation of the church that responds to some people's desire to focus on some elements of early Christianity that have been overwhelmed by society and culture. As a jumping off point we are using the book Saving Jesus from the Church by Rev. Robin Meyers. The chapter titles in the order we will use them on Sundays are listed in the Dialogue and on the website. The sermon on May 1 will be based on Prosperity as Dangerous not Divine.

Announcements- posted on the website Mondays at 9:00am.

Blooms into Spring- Show and sale of new paintings by Montpelier artist, Arthur Zorn at The Skinny Pancake, 89 Main St, City Center complex in Montpelier VT. March 30th through May 30th. Bright acrylic "representational" abstract impressions of flowers and more. For further information call (802)229-4431 or visit

Easter Memorial Lilies

Russell Flower Fund in loving memory of Lillian Russell

F. J. Dieter Flower Fund in loving memory of his parents

Carol and Don Welch in loving memory of Gordon & Ruth Welch

Carol and Don Welch in loving memory of Clarence Chiott, Gene Chiott Maddocks & Ray Maddocks

Marilyn, James, Steve, Emily and Jon in loving memory of Lee A. Moore

Marian Walker in loving memory of family and friends

Conrad and Phyllis Rowell in loving memory of parents and siblings

Chris, Patty, Peter and Alyssa Turley in loving memory of Joyce and Peter Turley

Will Adams and Joanne Riddel in loving memory of Paul Beck

Candy Moot and Chuck Nichols in loving memory of Dick and Hazel Moot and Virginia Nichols

Ann Adams in loving memory of Mom Dorothy Tanceti and brothers Victor and Ramon

Betty Reed in loving memory of Ron and Barbara Reed

Sandy and Tom Clougher in loving memory of Ron and Barb Reed and Patrick, Mary, James and Michael Clougher

Arlene Templeton and family in loving memory of Neal Templeton

Sue Maywood in loving memory of her parents Charles and Beulah Ablett

Mark and Dorothy Redmond in loving memory of Henry and Virginia Bunning, Mark W. Redmond and Brian E. Redmond

Richard and Kelly Cleveland and family in loving memory of Grandparents of the Cleveland and Rowell Family

Helen Jean Reindel in honor of Fritz Reindel