Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday Cross


We see the cross. Maybe you even want to feel it's rough texture. It would be an ugly way to die.

Here at the foot of the cross our faith is ugly and unhappy. We can not imagine that God would want anyone to die this way. Above us the cross stands as a marker for sadness, death, loss, betrayal, denial, and abandonment. They are all a part of our faith journey.

What connects us to the cross? First there are the little sins of wrong actions and bad deeds. We like to focus on those because they are so easy to see, especially in others. We focus on them because they seem easy to correct or to be forgiven. But we know they are more like errors than ideas, actions, attitudes that separate us from God. Our real sin is the betrayal of our faith values, the denial of our discipleship to Jesus. We value what we like and do not want some one, even Jesus, to tell us how to live. And there times wen we abandon God when things are really good in life and we do not feel need for the Divine's power of love. Nor should we forget the times we abandon God because things in our life or the world are horrible. That's when we can not believe in God for not using power to remove sadness and pain in our lives and in the world.

The cross is a reminder that we wound God and wound those who are passionate for God's peace and justice. And today it reminds us that we might be wounded for being strong in proclaiming or living as Jesus taught us to live. Be it the spirit or the body that is killed, the cross proclaims something has ended in pain.

Today is a good Friday to remember and think.