Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday Coins

30 silver coins

A companion, an apostle, a trusted friend betrayed Jesus. Jesus does not seem to hate him, blame him, exclude him, prevent him. Jesus eats his last meal with him.

You know you have been betrayed: lovers, family, church, work, ideals, the vague promises of things going to be better. Do you forgive others as Jesus forgives you? Do you forgive as Jesus forgave Judas? Do you consider the danger of asking God to forgive you as you forgive others?

Judas betrayed Jesus for reasons he thought were good. We will not know fully what motivated him. Maybe he just was so convinced that he knew what SHOULD be done and what SHOULD happen and what SHOULD be the timing that he forgot what COULD be with God. He did not seem to fully grab the newness of Jesus, his unique message and his exciting way to live with God and the fresh ways of expressing faithfulness.

Think about it. have you rejected some new bit of understanding because it was new? Have you fought something not knowing if it is a new creation of God's? Not knowing if it is from God or not, have you said NO?

It is a good Friday to think on these things.