Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday Body


Dead. Death has come and He is dead. Like the disciples we have a lot of hopes and expectations and dreams about how life will be with Jesus. We might think that with Jesus life will be good, that we will be blessed with a better/nicer life. We hold on to the hope that believing in Jesus will mean that tragedy will passover us. We want to dream that life will be
pastels and pretty flowers. The affront of the cross gives way to the reality that Jesus was killed. He is gone. With him the hopes and the dreams and the expectations we held when we think of him as alive and powerful, teaching and healing, a prophet who teaches with power. There is no power in death.

Can we love him and care for him even if he is dead? Will we stick with him and praise him after a broken body has broken our hopes, showed us the ugliness of our hearts and the cross, and caused us pain loss? This night is uncomfortable and makes us feel bad.

But nights end. And we are left with choices on who we will be, what life we will live. Will we be like the women who plan on bringing spices to his grave and still express their love and care? Or will we abandon him like the disciples: running away to Emmaus or hiding in an upper room? Paul tells us that we are the Body of Christ and individually members of it. Will we allow ourselves to be the Body of Christ, living, healing,teaching, demanding justice, hitch our wagons to others who will trust God above all else, and then go about shouting God’s love? Or shall the church be a nice place for music, teaching children manners, and a place for people to gather and do some good things?

It is a good Friday to reflect what you want and what is true.