Thursday, March 17, 2011

This Sunday

If you can help, we expect it will be safe to move tings back into the basement by this Saturday. If you can help, people will gather at 9:30. This is not just lifting and lugging. It will also be rolling and shelving. And maybe some cleaning.

The Peace Service starts at 8:30 and will be remembering Arch Bishop Oscar Romero
The Youth Groups serves breakfast at Bethany Cup and also starts at 8:30.
The Sec9ond Sunday in Lent includes worship at 10:00
"Original Blessing, not Original Sin" is the sermon title from the Sermon Series springing from Rev. Robin Myers book, "Saving Jesus from the Church"
After Worship there is a Sermon Talk Back.
Sunday School starts a new theme on God's Good Gifts
And music will bring that touch of beauty.

The "Naked Spirituality" by Brian McLaren, our Lenten Study book, is available.