Thursday, March 3, 2011

This Sunday

Sunday March 6

The Last Sunday before Lent begins
Worship at 10
With Communion
Sermon Title "Jesus the Teacher, Not the Savior"
Sunday School : Taking Time for God.
Hospitality after 11
Bookgroup discussion at 11:30
"Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" by Barbara Kingsolver
Youth Group at 7

Sermon Series - Today starts a sermon series that goes through Lent and extends into the the first 2 Sundays of Easter. The series reflects a reformation of the church that responds to some people's desire to focus on some elements of early Christianity that have been overwhelmed by society and culture. As a jumping off point we are using the book “Saving Jesus from the Church” by Rev. Robin Meyers. This book is a reconstructing of what it means to be a Christian who is intelligent, honest, and faithful.

The listing of chapter titles in the order we will use them on Sundays is listed in the Dialogue and on the website. Next week it will be “Discipleship as Obedience, Not Observance”. Copies of the book can be ordered today during Hospitality, or through any bookseller. There will be five “Sermon Talk Backs”, the first of which is next Sunday. Bring a bag lunch or not, these informal conversations will start about 11:30 and go no later that 12:45 in Fellowship Hall. You do not need the book to worship, understand the sermon, or attend the talk backs.