Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday School

This month, the Sunday School will be doing a four-week rotation workshop “Taking Time for God” which explores different ways of praying to God. This unit is primarily based on the ideas of the book Praying All Ways by Caroljean Willie.

Understanding that people have unique ways of learning gives us the freedom to try different methods to find God. The children will make prayer journals, use music, walk the labyrinth, meditate, and enjoy nature, all with an eye towards being in touch with God in the ways that works best for them.

Adult CE – with a twist

Are you having a hard time finding time to participate in Adult CE opportunities at Bethany? Our Sunday School is an opportunity for adults to learn more about God, too. One of the most rewarding aspect of teaching is that you too learn these wonderful lessons. At Bethany, we’ve been using a rotational-style method of teaching Sunday School. This means the teacher stays with the same lesson for two weeks, teaching our older class and our younger class on consecutive weeks.

Amy Pitton prepares the curriculum, and the kids love this way of learning. Because of our rotational-style lesson plans, you can commit to a two-week unit this Spring as either a teacher or an aide. You will be surprised how much you learn, alongside the children. Let a CE Board member know if you are interested!
Patty Turley