Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Stewardship is……


Which is more important?

My childhood idea of God would have me feeling guilty that I never Give enough. The God I know now who is Unconditional Love asks: “How are you able to Give from a Loving, Caring, God inspired place if you are not able to Receive from that same place?”

Amy said in a recent sermon that God turns everything upside down. Does that mean that I need to put more focus on Receiving and less on Giving? Hmmm….Receiving Love, Joy, Blessings, Money, Time and feeling so full that I have to Give in order to make room for Receiving? “Is that possible?” I ask. “Absolutely!” says God.

“Ask and you shall Receive”

“ASK: God, Give us what is needed to do what you are calling us to do and help us to understand Your directions.

“BELIEVE: God has heard our request and will Give us all we need and more. We have faith that God has heard our asking and we wait.

“RECEIVE: We are open to all the ways that God is giving to you, me and everyone God brings into our lives. We Receive God’s gifts.

May we Receive as joyfully
and abundantly
as we Give!

Joanne Hardy
Stewardship Committee Member