Tuesday, March 8, 2011


There are five head cooks, one for each Tuesday of a month. The Head Cook's job is to create the menu on their assigned day. It might be sloppy joes, macaroni and cheese, shepherd’s pie, soup, baked ziti, with side dishes, etc. The Head Cook makes the main dish. The rest of the volunteers prepare the other parts of the meal such as a tossed salad, cole slaw, bread, butter, desserts, beverages, etc. Still others may wash and set tables, (ten each week) wash dishes, reset tables as people come and go, and then clean the kitchen and Fellowship Hall. There are many tasks to serving this meal, and we are fortunate to have a loyal following of some fifteen volunteers, some who come every week and some who come on a particular Tuesday. Each week you can see who and how many we had helping us in the Sunday Bulletin or on the web site (Up On Monday).

In addition, we have been able to accommodate students from Montpelier High School and U-32 who wish to do community service with us. Occasionally we have an individual from the court diversion program. On the fourth Tuesday two classes from Union School come to wash, wipe and set tables. The excitement and energy of these second graders is contagious. It is also true that those who come to eat will also help, especially if asked. But Fred is always quick to volunteer to put the sign out, start the coffee, or set some tables up. Others put up tables and chairs without being asked.

It takes a lot for us to feed 110-150 people each week. It takes a lot of people, money, donations, organization, and flexibility (we never know when someone is going to donate something good to eat). No one has training, just desire and commitment. And seeing and hearing from those who eat with us is very satisfying. Plus we know God asks us to do just this very thing.

Special Thanks to our Head Cooks! Phyllis Rowell, Sonja Grahn, Joan Barrett, Judi Joy, Joy Facos!