Sunday, March 6, 2011

Helping Helpers Help

Resource for Cancer Care

During our worship service, people often make prayer requests for friends or family members who have cancer. Theresa Lever wants you to know about her work as a cancer care resource at Central Vermont Medical Center. As CVMC’s Patient Navigator, Theresa can work with any individual or family dealing with cancer, even if the person is not receiving care at CVMC.

She can help with practical issues such as insurance, finances and transportation. She can also help people find doctors and complementary medicine practitioners, connect with a support group or individual, obtain medical records, and keep track of appointments (even attend appointments with people who need the moral support or someone to take notes). Please keep Theresa in mind when you learn that someone you care about has been diagnosed with cancer. Her services are free of charge. (Theresa’s work # 225-5449)