Sunday, February 6, 2011

Music at Bethany


A special thank you goes to Diane Huling who was with us two times in January when Arthur was not able to be in Church. Diane's next concert at Bethany Church is February 13th. If you were not able to go to her previous one, make an extra effort to go to this one. Diane Huling plays Beethoven "Eroica" variations ~ Piazzola Tango Suite ~ Brahms F Minor Sonata. She is phenomenal, as most of us know and her performances are a real treat.

Thanks also to those who have been performers at our Second Sunday concerts. These seem to gather us together in preparation of our Church service and I find them very uplifting. We still have plenty of months left so if you are interested in performing for a Second Sunday concert, let Judy Ribolini know.