Thursday, January 6, 2011

Money and Ministry


At the Church Meeting in September it became apparent that there are differing visions about how Bethany Church might be good Stewards of our financial life. That difference caused some pain. Some see focused giving to be ideal to get things done. Some see a comprehensive budget as an ideal way to show who we are and what we want.
There are questions too about how the one works and how the other would work. These questions highlight how each method may not be as ideal as thought.
So let us gather and have a church conversation about the visions and questions that we have about the stewarding of our resources. We will gather on January 16 after worship in Fellowship Hall. Conversation will be for 1 hour and will focus on the visions and questions we have . It will not be a time to argue or convince anyone, no decisions will be made. It will be a time to try and fully understand what is being seen by others and ask questions to clarify. Demeaning someone's vision or question will be inappropriate. Come to share your vision and to see what other's see.
Rev. Mark