Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Food and Mission

Feeding the Hungry

First, many thanks to all the cooks who have prepared food for the shelter dinner and special thanks to those who took time out of their busy holidays to prepare a dish (or two)for the dinner on Dec. 26th.

The change to the forth Sunday of the month has been a blessing! A blessing for me, for the cooks (who don't have to figure out how to get hot food to Bethany on a Friday afternoon) and, I hope, for the congregation, who get to see the bountiful feast spread out on the parlor table and share in the blessing of the food. This ministry is dear to my heart due to my background working in shelters for the homeless and I am very thankful to this congregation for allowing me to continue to follow the Gospel call to serve, in some small way, those in need.

Please prayerfully consider adding your name to the list of cooks who help with this wonderful meal. For more information please call me @ 802-279-3177. Thank you!!
Judi Joy.

There Are a Lot of Hungry People In the World

Monthly meals to the Good Samaritan Haven is not the only way we feed hungry people. Every month we collect food for the Montpelier Food Pantry. This month the focus item is soup: boxed or canned, dry or liquid, condensed or ready to eat. Every week we feed 110-140 people at Bethany Bowl; part of a network of Community Meals/Soup Kitchens in Montpelier. Our annual budget indirectly supports all of these efforts by supporting the worship and community of Bethany Church.

We also feed the hungry through gifts to Our Churches Wider Mission, Neighbors in Need, and One Great Our of Sharing. We will never know our see those who are fed, but they are there. And surely God smiles when we feed even the unknown.