Tuesday, December 14, 2010

This week.


Announcements- If you would like to have your announcement printed in the bulletin, please have it into the office by 9:00 am Thursday morning.

Missed Worship? Check out “Up On Monday” on the Church website. The announcements, including some that were only verbal, will be posted to the web site on Monday Mornings at 9:00am.

For The Food Pantry-We had a great amount of pasta and food this last Sunday. For December we will collect canned foods; veggies, fruit, meat, milk, sauce, etc. We will collect all month and dedicate them on December 26.

Good Samaritan Haven Dinner-In this busy season as you decorate your home, prepare special foods and shop for gifts please remember those who have no homes, no money to spend on gifts and no place to prepare foods that help remind them of happier holidays. The dinner for the homeless shelter will be on will be on Dec. 26. Food will be gratefully accepted and blessed after worship that day. The sign-up sheet will be in the Parlor so please join us in providing a meal for those most in need.

Concert Next Sunday at 2 pm Cody Michaels will perform in a special one hour Holiday season performance in the Bethany Sanctuary.

San Antonio Grande- The Outreach Board will again be offering commemorative stars to be hung on the Christmas tree in the Narthex. A star in memory of a loved one can be purchased for $5.00 or more in our church wide effort to raise money for San Antonio scholarship fund. Note cards picturing San Antonio Grande families will also be available.

Bethany Bowl- TUESDAY, DEC.7, 2010: FED 115: HEAD COOK Phyllis Rowell with lots of help from Meri Nielsen DISHWASHER: Conrad Rowell with Richard Williams and Corky Nielsen VOLUNTEERS: Darlene Colby and her daughter, Deb, Pat Seivwright, Chris Terry, Cleo Facos, Ann DeVaughn, Pete Gomez, and 2 MHS students. Sue Day, the egg salad maker, made good use of the eggs that the John and Donna Hall provide every week

The Bethany Bowl volunteers appreciate the many donations that arrive at the kitchen door BUT could we ask you tell us who you are and indicate if the offering is really for the Bowl or some other group using the kitchen. We don't want to use something that may be meant for another group.

New Website. New look. New content. New features. Same address: bethanychurchvt.org.

Next Sunday - Beautiful jewelry crafted by Carolina Vasquez of San Salvador, El Salvador is for sale in the parlor after the service. The July travelers to El Salvador fell in love with Carolina and her husband Damian, who own the guest house where they stayed, and with Carolina’s jewelry. All proceeds above Carolina’s wholesale price go toward the San Antonio Grande scholarship fund.

The Board of Christian Education is compiling a list of the email addresses of parents of Sunday School youth, so that we can communicate with you occasionally about the activities of Sunday School. If the office does not already have your email address, please provide it for this purpose. Thanks.